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Ada Adams (ReVamped)

Alyssa Rose Ivy (The Afterglow Trilogy)

Amy Kathleen Ryan (GLOW)

Anya Allyn (Doll House)

Amanda Havard (The Survivors)

Aria Glazki (Mending Heartstrings)

Barbara Ellen Brink (The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy)

Brittany Quagan (Ren: Awakened)

Jamie Baywood (Getting Rooted in New Zealand)

C.A. Verstraete (Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter)

C.J. Burright (The Dreamcaster Series)

C.J. Valles (For Ever)

Carol Van Atta (I Kissed a Dog)

Celia Bonaduce (Slim Pickins’ in Fat Chance, Texas)

Cera DuBois (A Hunter's Angel)

Charis Michaels (The Bachelor Lords of London Series)

Christie L. Rich (Elemental Emnity Series)

Cidney Swanson (The Ripple Series)

Coleen Kwan (Uncanny Chronicles)

Connie L. Smith (The Division Chronicles)

D. Apodaca (Afflicted Novels)

Daniele Lanzarotta (Imprinted Souls)

Danielle Sibarium (For Always)

Diana Paz (Timespell)

Dianne Venetta (Ladd Springs)

Elana Johnson (Possession Series)

Ella James (Stained)

Ellen Arden (Designing Love)

Ellen Brink (The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy)

Heather Manning (Author of Swept to Sea)

J.D. Watts (Children of Creation Series)

Jane Lark (Illicit Love)

Jaycee Ford (Love Bug)

Jeffe Kennedy (Rogue's Pawn)

Jen McConnel (The Burning of Isobel Key)

Jena Leigh (The Variant Series)

Jennifer Schmidt (Last Call)

Jennifer Silvewood (Borderlands Saga)

Joanne Brothwell (Stealing Breath)

John Hennessey (Mordana Chronicles)

Julie N. Ford (Replacing Gentry)

Juliette Cross (The Deepest Well)

Justine Erler (Starcrush)

Kary Rader (Reign of Light)

K.C. Neal (Pyxis)

Kat Calen (Pride's Run)

Kate Evangelista (Reaper Series, No Love Allowed)

Katie French (The Breeders)

Katy Regnery (The English Brothers)

Kelly Anne Blount (Necoh Series)

Krista Holle (The Lure of Shapinsay)

Kristen McLean (The Lords of Whitehall)

Laura Bickle (The Hallowed Ones)

Laura Bickle (The Hallowed Ones) Interview 2

Lauren Layne (Redemption)

Leigh Talbert Moore (Rogue)

Leta Gail Doerr (For the Love of Big Orange)

Lindsey Loucks (The Grave Winner)

Lisa Voisin (The Watcher)

M. L. Woolley (Dark Passage)

Margarita Felices (Judgement of Souls)

Maggie McGinnis (Whisper Creek)

Marilyn Brant (The Road to You)

Mary Pauline Lowry (The Earthquake Machine)

Mary Ting (Crossroads)

Mary Ting (ISAN)

Marta Szemik (Two Halves)

Meradeth Houston (Colors Like Memories)

Nely Cab (Creatura)

Nicole Hadaway (Release)

Nikki Jefford (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter)

Norma Druid (A Test of Alien Alliance)

Paige Bleu (Finding Summerland)

Patricia A. Proctor (The Witches of Spring Hill Series)

Peggy Martinez (Sweet Contradictions)

R.S. Novelle (The Boyfriend List)

R.R. Smythe (Heart Murmurs)

Rachael Anderson (The Reluctant Bachelorette)

Rae Hatchon (Pretty in Black)

S.L. Saboviec (Guarding Angel)

Samantha Durante (Stitch)

Sarah Daltry (Eden's Fall)

Sarah Hegger (Willow Park)

Sarah Ross (Patronus Series)

Sasha Summers (Medusa, A Love Story)

Shayne Leighton (Of Light and Darkness Series)

Sherry Gloag (Vidal's Honor) 

Sophie Barnes (At the Kingsborough Ball)

Shirley Jump (Sweet & Savory Series)

Susan Gregg Gilmore (Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen)

Tara September (Don't Start Now)

Tera Shanley (Silver Wolf Clan)

Thomas Winship (Væmpires Revolution)

Tobie Easton (The Mer Chronicles)

Traci Douglass (Seven Seals Series)

Trish Cook (Outward Blonde)

Trista Jaszczak (Little Red)

Vanessa Kelly (The Improper Princesses)

Wynne Channing (What Kills Me)

Allir Gail: Burning Down the House Playlist

Amy Lignor: The Angel/Warrior Team Discover ‘The Gilded Age’

Anne Hope: The Power of the Mind

Annie Oldham: 5 Things to Know When Starting Out as a Writer

Aria Glazki: Impossibly Interesting At All Times

Becky Wicks: Behind the scenes: A day in the life of a writer, and seeking inspiration for stories

Belle Whittington: 5 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Belle

C.J. Burright: Top 10 Favorite Books

C.J. Duggan: That One Summer Playlist

C.R. Hiatt: The Creation of Villains & Villainous Locations

Carol Van Atta: Blurred Lines … when faeries bite!

Chris Cannon: My Take on Dragons

Christi Goddard: A Family Story

Christie Rich: The Power of a Reader

Christina Mandelski: A Kiss is Just a Kiss?

Christina MsKnight: Five books that inspire me to write!

Cidney Swanson : Why Mars?

Cindy Miles: Top 10 Places to Write

Claudia Y. Burgoa: Top 10 songs to write to

Courtney Cole: Courtney Cole as You’ve Never Seen Her

Danielle Sibarium: 1.Top 5 Sure Fire Signs You Should See Other People
                               2.Where do my book ideas come from?

Devon Ashley: Favorite Books

Diana Paz: Meet the Daughters of Fate

E.S.P.: Book Cover Adventures & Misadventures

Ednah Walters: Guardians vs Demons

Emma Mills: Character Zodiac

Estevan Vega: Dream Cast

Feather Stone: Top 10's

Georgia Cates: Love of a Bad Boy

Heather Lyons: Dream Cast

Heather Manning: The Making of a Character

Heather M. White: Music

J.D. Watts: Music and Writing

Jeanette Battista: Leopard Moon

Jeffe Kennedy: Speculative Fiction, Fantasy Romance, and Twilight & The Inspiration Behind Rogue

Jen McConnel: What’s in a Name? Character Names

Jena Leigh: Don't Be Afraid to Go Left

Jessica Knapp: Running into Trouble

Jessica O'Gorek: Acid rain makes area water ways in the eastern US LESS ACIDIC?

Kary Rader: How Far is Too Far – Unredeemable Characters

Kate Ashton: Is Love Forever?

Kim Briggs: Instalove: Love it or Leave it?

Kristen Wallace: The Man Who Started it All

L.B. Simmons: Running on Empty

Laura Bickle/Alayna Williams: Knights of the Tarot

Laura Howard: Top 10 Guys in Young Adult and New Adult

Levi Stack: How Book Covers Are Created

Lizbeth Selvig: (Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys Series)

Lyla Oweds (Grimm Cases)

Madeline Ash: Morally Dubious Heroine

Maggie McGinnis: Cooking Schmooking

Maisey Yates: Top Ten Reasons to Love Oregon

Mary Bernsen: Top 5 Under-Used Paranormal Creatures

Mary Pauline Lowry: The Earthquake Machine

Melissa Chambers: Have You Packed Your Beach Bags Yet?

Melissa Pearl: Top 10 Places I've Visited

Melissa West: Why You Write Romance

Michelle Madow: An explanation of how time travel works in Timeless & Top Five sources I used while researching Elementals. 

Molli Moran: Top ten albums to listen to while writing

Monica Corwin: Dorian’s Top Ten Favorite Books

Natalie-Nicole Bates: Inspiration for See Me

Niki Jefford: Top 10 Favorite Fun Scary Movies

Noree Cosper: 5 Most Freakish Vampires From Around the World

P.J. Fiala: Casting for Dog Days of Summer

Patricia A. Proctor: Writing in Seattle

Rae Hachton: Evermore history teaser

Rebecca Lynn Talley: Finding Ideas

Samantha Dutante: Commitment Issues

Sasha Summers: What is it About Cowboys?

Shadonna Richards: Beautiful Love Quotes & Romantic Words

Sherry Gloag: The Future of eReaders

Sherry Soule: Dream Cast

T.A. Foster: London Falling Reader Interview

Tammy Blackwell: (Character Guest Post) Holiday Survival Guide: The Family Road Trip By Charlie Hagan

Tania Penn: Playlist

Terri Morgan: Libraries

Tonya Kuper: If Super Powers Were Real

Tracey Rogers: Are You A Faker?

Wynne Channing: Five unanswered questions from What Kills Me

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