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About Me

"There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love."
                                      ~Christopher Morley

Hi everyone!

My family, friends, and animals are my life. I have lived most of my life in Tennessee, and I love it here, but I will always be a New Yorker at heart. I enjoy reading fiction of all kinds, and I love sharing what I read with others, so here I am.

I loathe spoilers. So, I try to avoid giving too much detail in my reviews that I feel will spoil the enjoyment of reading the book for yourself. Because of this, my reviews will probably be a little shorter than most. 

I've always loved reading. After reading Twilight in 2008, my hunger for reading went into overdrive, and it hasn't slowed up since. I wanted that to be reflected in my blog name. Plus, I liked the way it sounded.

I hope you come back again and again. If you have questions about this blog, any of my posts, or just want to chit chat, drop me a line. Thank you for joining me on my adventure to find out What's Beyond Forks!

*Note: Like I've said, I like to read a little bit of everything. Some of the books I review have a little naughty-ness in them. Some have more than a little and may not be suitable for younger readers.

Everyone's opinion on what's appropriate for certain age groups is different. For the purposes of this blog, I think it's safe to go under the assumption that Adult Fiction is suitable for ages 18 and up, New Adult is 17 and up, and Young Adult is good for everyone for the most part. Obviously this isn't a concrete method, but it's easier than trying to guess what everyone will be okay with. Please use your own discretion. (April 25, 2014)

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FTC Disclaimer
In accordance with FTC guidelines regarding book reviews for bloggers, I would like my readers to know that some of the books I review on my site are provided to me for free by the authors, agents, or publishers of the book in exchange for an honest review. Whenever this is the case, I will specify in the review for that book. I don't receive money for such reviews from authors, agents, or publishers. If I have won the book through a blog hop, contest, or other type of giveaway, I will specify that on the reviews as well, because sometimes that information can help in promoting an author and their book(s). I am associated with Amazon.com, and I do receive a small commission if you purchase a product following my amazon links.

My Giveaway Policy
I love to have giveaways from time to time. The giveaways are provided by authors, publishers, agents, tour companies, or myself. Winners of giveaways provided by authors, publishers, agents, or tour companies will get a notification from me, then they will assume the responsibility of getting your prize(s) to you. We may end or prolong any giveaway without notice. Entrants that do not follow the rules stated with each giveaway will be disqualified. Winners will have 24 hours(unless otherwise stated) to respond to my email before I will pick a new winner. What's Beyond Forks? is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.

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