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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Review: The Veiled - Expanded Edition by Jennifer Osborn

The Veiled - Expanded Edition (The Shilund Saga #1) by Jennifer Osborn
Genre: Adult (Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)
Date Published: October 5, 2014
Publisher: Indescribable Publishing

Danger lurks in the dark woods that surround the small town of Presque Isle. Legends passed down from generation to generation, cautioned all to avoid the woods or risk losing your life. It was rumored that throughout the years, many who did not heed the warning went missing, right before the sighting of human like creatures, never to be heard of again. Jack dismissed the lure as the urban myths that accompany all small towns. Until on a camping trip with two of his friends, the unthinkable happens, leaving his friends dead and him imprisoned by a mysterious girl named Serena. Her strange eyes and stories of others of her kind intrigue him, leaving him defenseless to her. He discovers that his small town was nothing like he thought and that his life and those around him would be better than he could ever imagine, if he would only believe

The Veiled is the first book in the Shilund Saga by Jennifer Osborn. I'm not sure what was added or changed in the expanded edition that was or wasn't in the first version, but I'm so glad the author offered the expanded edition to me, because I couldn't imagine any tid bit from this book to be missing from the story. There was action, romance, danger, and a touch of horror. I immediately connected with the characters. I could feel Serena's feelings of being an outsider and being okay with it yet longing to belong at the same time. She was easy to relate to. Jack was believable too. They have an instant attraction, but he's cautious of Serena and wasn't quick to trust her. He knew she wasn't human, but didn't know what a Shilund was either. What is a Shilund you ask? In the beginning I thought it would be bigfoot or something similar, but as I read... I'm not so sure, so I googled it. I couldn't find anything about a Shilund that wasn't related to this book so, it seems to be a creature of the author's imagination. I love that about them. They are something unique to this saga. They are intriguing, and I'm anxious to learn more. To know more about these creatures, you'll just have to read the book too.

The Veiled by Jennifer Osborn was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

Gazing to look out the window, he could see the sun filtering through the trees in sharp rays.  Their golden light breaking the darkness apart.  As he studies the dust dancing in the light, a feral face appeared before him, gazing at him with a snarl.

Jack recoiled back so quickly that he landed with a thud on his backside.  With a delft quickness, the creature was inside the cabin and on top of Jack, pounding him into the floor.  Jack responded by swinging up to the figure and striking it in its face hard.  That succeeded in momentarily stunning it.   His eyes were exactly like Serena’s, only his irises were a mint green.

Jack could see it was a Shilund, like Serena, but decidedly male.  His canines were bigger, and his body was all muscled and stern.  The male growled at Jack and pulled back to strike again, when suddenly his weight was off of Jack.  It was a blur of movement as the Shilund male was thrown across the room, and a rumble echoed off the walls.

Jack looked up to see Serena standing in front of him in a protective stance, bearing her fangs to the male laying across the room.   She was impressive…and scary.  Jack stood up, only to be held back by Serena.

“Remain still!” she ordered and Jack nodded okay.

The male was up in a moment, his chest heaving with anger.

“What is this?”  The male demanded through gritted teeth.  “You have a human here!”

“This does not concern you Rafhey!”  Serena spat, holding her stance before Jack.

“I can-“ Jack began.

“Quiet!” Serena screamed.

Okay, so he’d try to keep his mouth shut.

“Doesn’t concern me?  Are you crazy Serena!”  Rafhey began to pace slightly.  “You have this human here with you.  You are breaking the law!”

“No one needs to know this,” Serena began, “you can turn and leave exactly as you came.” She indicated the door with an incline of her head.

The room became quiet, only the heavy panting of Serena and Rafhey.  Jack could hear his own heart beat in his ears.

Rafhey took a step forward, and Jack found himself attempting to get in front of Serena and pull her behind him.  Whatever was going to happen, he didn’t want her hurt.  Not for anything.

Serena frustrated pulled Jack back and whinnied, “Stop that! He won’t hurt me!”

Jack tried not to be moved, but Serena pulled him easily behind her.  Man was she strong.

Rafhey moved another step closer and threatened, “Baden will rain down hell on this place knowing a human is here…alive.   You know the law.  This will not pass.”

“Baden need not know.”  Serena walked closer to Rafhey, “You can keep this to yourself.  The human is only here long enough to heal and leave.”

Rafhey looked Jack up and down disdainfully, “He looks well enough now.  Are you sure it was only to let him heal? “

Serena seemed taken back.  “Of course that is all.  Why else would I allow a human here?”

“I don’t know Serena.  You tell me?”   His fierce eyes glowed suspicion.

Cue the jeopardy music.  Neither party moved, but seemed to stare each other down, each poised for conflict.

Rafhey shifted slightly, his hand moving toward the inside of his robe, slowly revealing a gleaming blade.

Her movement was so fast; Jack could not track it.  One moment Serena was with him, and the next she had Rafhey against the wall holding him by his throat, his legs dangling in mid air.  The blade dropped harmlessly to the ground.

The noise coming from her was animalistic and low.

“You. Will. Not. Touch. Him.” The menace was clear.  Serena pushed Rafhey further up the wall, waiting for him to respond.   He could only manage to scratch at her hand to loosen it, but was unsuccessful.

Rafhey struggled, his voice a whisper. “—Let….me….go.”

Serena continued to growl as she held him, squeezing her hand tighter, which only succeeded in sending a panicked look on Rafhey’s face as all air was completely cut off.   He began to lose consciousness.

“Serena!” Jack shouted, hoping to catch her attention.  He didn't want to see her kill him, even though he could care less for Rafhey.  This was all about Serena.

Serena’s eyes flickered toward Jack's direction in acknowledgement of her name, and she released Rafhey.  He landed in a tangled mess.

Rafhey struggled for breath, pulling in the air as deeply as he could through coughs.  Grasping onto his throat, he glared up at Serena.

Serena squatted down in front of him and spoke between clenched teeth.  “Get out of my house.   And if you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will gut you.  Do you understand?”

Rafhey stared at her, still attempting to breathe.  He made no attempt to answer her.

Serena grabbed the blade from the floor and held it to his throat.  Rafhey froze.

“I asked, do you understand?” She glared at him unflinchingly.

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Good.”  She replied as she stood and dropped the blade at his feet.  “Now get out.”

Rafhey gathered himself, weaving like a drunk and paused at the front door.  “One day Serena, you will answer for this.  Mark my words.”

Her only response was to snarl again at him as she stood in front of Jack to protect him.  Rafhey reluctantly turned and disappeared into the golden sunlight streaming in through the door.

Jack felt himself relax, and he sat back on the bed.  What had just happened here?  He couldn't figure out why this Rafhey character was so on edge, like someone had just peed in his Wheaties.

Jennifer Osborn was born and raised in South Eastern Kentucky and transplanted to the Cincinnati, Ohio area where she continues to live.

Having grown up with characters freely roaming around in her head, she gave into the compulsion to write them on paper and give them a voice.

Through out high school, her stories were passed around from friend to friend, which fueled the desire for more.

As an adult she is continuing to pursue her love of writing, both in books, short stories and poetry form.

To learn more about Jennifer Osborn and her books, visit her website & blog.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tour! A Review & Excerpt of Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little

Forbidden (Forbidden #1) by Kimberley Griffiths Little
Genre: Young Adult (Historical Romance)
Date Published: November 4, 2014
Publisher: HarperCollins

**Starred** in American Library Association BOOKLIST

In the unforgiving Mesopotamian desert where Jayden’s tribe lives, betrothal celebrations abound, and tonight it is Jayden’s turn to be honored. But while this union with Horeb, the son of her tribe’s leader, will bring a life of riches and restore her family’s position within the tribe, it will come at the price of Jayden’s heart. 

Then a shadowy boy from the Southern Lands appears. Handsome and mysterious, Kadesh fills Jayden’s heart with a passion she never knew possible. But with Horeb’s increasingly violent threats haunting Jayden’s every move, she knows she must find a way to escape—or die trying. 

With a forbidden romance blossoming in her heart and her family’s survival on the line, Jayden must embark on a deadly journey to save the ones she loves—and find a true love for herself.

Set against the brilliant backdrop of the sprawling desert, the story of Jayden and Kadesh will leave readers absolutely breathless as they defy the odds and risk it all to be together. 

Forbidden is the first book in the Forbidden series by Kimberley Griffiths Little. I don't know much about ancient Mesopotamian desert life past what I learned in 6th grade, but the author's writing style made it effortless to picture and immerse myself within this world and its characters. It had this dangerous allure to it. I felt like the characters were pretty believable. They had their strengths and weaknesses. No one was perfect. There was always something going on... births, murders, raids, fighting, romance. Forbidden was different and exciting, and even though there were some tears toward the end, it left me with hope. I'm beyond anxious for more in this series!

Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little was kindly provided to me by I Am a Reader Not a Writer for review. The opinions are my own.

The night was starkly beautiful under a canopy of jeweled stars. I savored my moments of freedom, which were marred by the realization that it was dripping away day by day.

The sizzle of coffee beans roasting in the skillet floated across the still air. Cups clinked on a tray as my father passed them around the circle. The aroma of roasted brew spiced with cardamom seeped into the night.

As I tried to slip past, Horeb’s eyes caught mine. Firelight flickered over his face, outlining his jaw and wind-tangled black hair. He was devastatingly handsome just as all the girls said, but his lips curled into a smile that sent shudders down my spine.

Horeb’s glance lingered on my body, settling not on my face, but lower, as if he was undressing me right there on the dirt path.

His eyes locking onto mine, Horeb rose from the circle of men. I jerked around, breaking off his stare. Walking faster, I turned the corner of the tent just as his arm reached out to stop me.

“So, little cousin,” Horeb said. “Have you been enjoying the betrothal ceremony? Tell me, are the women telling stories of marital relations?”

My breath caught like a thorn in my throat. The women’s ceremonies were not discussed with any male—only inside the privacy of a marriage bed.

“You shouldn’t be saying these things to me,” I said.

Running his fingers down my arm, Horeb continued to study me. “There are many things I’d like to say to you, Jayden. Do to you.”

There used to be a time when my throat pounded every time Horeb turned my direction. A time when he was growing into those big, dark eyes and that hard, muscular body. Moments when I wanted to touch his thick, black hair, or run my finger along his jaw to discover what a boy’s skin felt like with a newly growing beard. But now that I was sixteen, and he twenty, his stares made me uneasy. My heart still pounded, but not from love. And I wasn’t sure what it was or what to call it.  

Award-winning author Kimberley Griffiths Little was born in San Francisco, but now lives in New Mexico on the banks of the Rio Grande with her husband and their three sons. Her middle-grade novels, When the Butterflies Came, The Last Snake Runner, The Healing Spell, and Circle of Secrets, have been praised as “fast-paced and dramatic,” with “beautifully realized settings.” Kimberley adores anything old and musty with a secret story to tell. She’s stayed in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland; sailed the Seine in Paris; ridden a camel in Petra, Jordan; shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria.

To learn more about Kimberley Griffiths Little and her books, visit her blogwebsite.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tour! A Review of Nellie by Cynthia Woolf

Nellie (The Brides of San Francisco #1) by Cynthia Woolf
Genre: Adult Fiction (Historical Fiction/ Romance)
Date Published: November 4, 2014
Publisher: Self

Nellie Wallace is a young widow with two children. In post civil-war New York, the men are scarce and none want the burden of a wife with children. Her dead husband's family is wealthy, and cruel. Desperate to escape their influence, and eager for a home, a husband, and a stable life for her children, Nellie decides to make a new life in San Francisco as a mail order bride. 

Saloon owner Blake Malone is a bachelor and likes it that way. He worked hard for everything he has, but the San Francisco City Council won’t approve his plans to build a family emporium unless he is a family man himself. The solution? A mail order bride from New York who will bring him a ready-made family, stability, and the council's approval. 

Blake expects his future wife to care for his home and, other than helping him impress the city council, to stay out of his business. He expects life as usual. What he gets is an unexpected desire to win Nellie's heart, a dangerous threat to his new bride, and a rich benefactor determined to steal his new family out from under him. Blake believed his battle for success a hard one. But he will discover that the battle to win Nellie's heart and keep his family safe is going to take everything he's got. 

Nellie is the first book in the Brides of San Francisco series by Cynthia Woolf. Nellie is trying to better her situation for her children. She puts them first, and if putting them first means venturing across the country as a mail order bride then she's going to do it. Based on her previous marriage she has pretty low expectations when going into this second marriage. Blake also doesn't expect much. He doesn't want love. He just wants the family image to gain support for a new business. They are both in for some surprises. I liked both characters right away, and their interactions are cute and funny. Nellie knows how to keep Blake in his place. Blake has his ways of affecting Nellie as well. I enjoyed this story, and I'm looking forward to more in this series.

Nellie by Cynthia Woolf was kindly provided to me by Black Lion Tours for review. The opinions are my own.


April 28, 1865

If only she could fix her problems with a needle and thread she’d be set. Nellie looked up from the socks she was darning toward the knocking on the front door.
Who could that be? She set aside the socks, straightened her dress, checked her reflection in the mirror on the wall in the hall, patted her blond hair back into place and then answered the door.
“Mrs. Robert Wallace?” asked the soldier in dress uniform who stood at attention on her front porch.
Oh, God. No. Please. No. “Yes,” she said, trying to keep the tremor from her voice. “I…I’m Mrs. Wallace.”
The young soldier handed her an envelope. “I regret to have to inform you that Lieutenant Robert Wallace was killed at the Battle of Appomattox on April 8, 1865. I’m sorry for your loss, Mrs. Wallace.”
Nellie didn’t know what to say over the lump in her throat. She always knew this could happen—from the first moment Robert joined, to his last farewell eight months before Violet was born.
“I, uh, thank you, Officer…”
“Black, ma’am. Sergeant Black.”
“Thank you for letting me know, Sergeant.” Her grip tightened on the door knob. “I…I have to sit down now.”
“Of course, ma’am. Do you need help?”
Nellie shook her head. “No. Thank you. I’ll be alright.”
The man saluted her, turned and walked down the sidewalk to the waiting carriage.
How many of these calls did he have to make today? Was I the only one? I doubt it. Not in a city the size of New York.
She closed the door and leaned against the wall next to it, her legs no longer able to support her, she slid to the floor. Tears left salty trails on her face, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember crying. Screaming, cursing God, yes, but crying, no. Even though our marriage wasn’t what I’d dreamed it could have been when I was a child, I shall miss him. He had his good side, he was funny and could make her laugh. He was gentle every where except…no I will not think about that now. I endured and have two beautiful children.
How am I to tell Henry his father is dead? Violet was just a baby and didn’t know her daddy but Henry… Her son missed his father something fierce. Robert had doted on Henry. They spent so much time together that Henry cried for days when his father left the last time. And now I have to tell him his father is never coming home. How do I do that?
She wiped her cheeks with the backs of her hands, took the hanky from her apron pocket and blew her nose.  No need to put it off. The task would be difficult enough, without waiting and making it harder. Perhaps she and Henry could grieve together. In any case, she needed to be strong for her son and daughter. She was all they had now.
Taking a deep breath, she mounted the stairs to the play room and her children.

authorCynthia Woolf is the author of six historical western romance books and one short story with more books on the way.

She was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in the mountains west of Golden. She spent her early years running wild around the mountain side with her friends.Their closest neighbor was one quarter of a mile away, so her little brother was her playmate and her best friend. That fierce friendship lasted until his death in 2006.

Cynthia was and is an avid reader. Her mother was a librarian and brought new books home each week. This is where young Cynthia first got the storytelling bug. She wrote her first story at the age of ten. A romance about a little boy she liked at the time.

Cynthia loves writing and reading romance. Her first western romance Tame A Wild Heart, was inspired by the story her mother told her of meeting Cynthia’s father on a ranch in Creede, Colorado. Although Tame A Wild Heart takes place in Creede that is the only similarity between the stories. Her father was a cowboy not a bounty hunter and her mother was a nursemaid (called a nanny now) not the ranch owner. Cynthia credits her wonderfully supportive husband Jim and the great friends she's made at CRW for saving her sanity and allowing her to explore her creativity.

To learn more about Cynthia Woolf and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Darkness by Elizabeth Arroyo

 Book Review: Darkness by Elizabeth Arroyo
Genre: Young Adult (Paranormal Romance)
Date Published: August 9, 2014
Publisher: Self

Seventeen-year-old Carly Lopez suffers from post-traumatic stress, though the “post” part technically doesn't apply…not when the killer is still out there. As the only survivor of the killing spree that left four dead girls in its wake, Carly fails to unearth her buried memories of that day and is consumed with guilt. After a year of silence, the killer is back, and Carly will stop at nothing to catch him. With each new death, Carly’s reality shatters, propelling her deeper into the darkness where the dead haunt her—but where the truth lies. Her only firm grasp of reality is Hunter Jackson, whose mysterious overprotectiveness of Carly forces her to doubt the reason behind her guilt. But Hunter has a secret. And when Carly discovers a horrible truth, she questions her involvement in the murders. Was she directly responsible? Did she help the killer? Carly soon learns that finding answers may mean risking more than just her sanity.

Darkness is another addictively, suspenseful book by Elizabeth Arroyo. I love books that keep you guessing, and that's what this one did. I pegged everyone as guilty at some time or another while reading, but I never predicted it completely. I enjoyed the friendship/romance that started to grow between Carly and Hunter. Some things were kind of obvious, but I still found it enjoyable. My main issue was Carly. I understand everyone deals with grief and trauma differently, but she lacked any sense of self preservation what so ever. As a reader, that wore on me quite a bit after a while. It wasn't overwhelmingly supernatural, but there was definitely some superatural aspects to it that start off subtle at first. The story reminded me of a Steven King novel in ways, only minus all the extra fluff pages which is bonus points in my opinion.
The ARC of Darkness by Elizabeth Arroyo was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

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Elizabeth is the author of three young adult thrillers. During her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys learning about tactical fighting and zombie warfare with the gamers in her household. She also enjoys long walks and spending time with her family.

Elizabeth graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a BA in Psychology and has worked in the community in hopes of changing the world...or at least the life of a child.

To learn more about Elizabeth Arroyo and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: The Black Chapel by Marilyn Cruise

 The Black Chapel by Marilyn Cruise
Genre: Adult Fiction (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published:  January 1, 2014
Publisher: Self

What would you do if a sexy billionaire asked you to marry him just for his money?

Scarlett hates her new job as a stripper, but she can’t afford to quit or she’ll lose her house and won’t be able to afford to pay for her dad’s chemo.

One night, the handsome billionaire Michael Manning visits the club and shows interest in Samantha (Scarlett’s stage name). Scarlett is immediately attracted to Michael, but she refuses to date anyone she meets at the club.

On Sunday, Scarlett’s friend drags her to church, and to her surprise, Scarlett meets Michael again. He doesn’t realize she’s Samantha from last night and asks her out.

But Scarlett would never have guessed what he’s about to propose on their first date. Michael needs to marry before his mother dies of cancer, or he’ll lose his entire inheritance. He presents Scarlett with a deal where she’ll receive half of the inheritance if she marries him within two weeks and divorces him after his mother dies.

Scarlett agrees to the deal. But soon she develops feelings for Michael and they begin a steamy affair.
Serious problems arise when Michael continues to show interest in Samantha, thinking he’s keeping it a secret from Scarlett. And when Scarlett’s pretend mother-in-law has her followed to work, Scarlett’s secret could very well cost her the billion dollar deal and her relationship with Michael.

The Black Chapel is the debut novel by Marilyn Cruise. This was an entertaining and naughty little story. Scarlett and Michael were likeable right from the beginning. I think Michael was more of a tease to Scarlett then she was to him when they first met, which was cute.

The story was a different kind of love triangle, if a girl could have a love triangle with herself that is. It was unique, and I liked it. I kept thinking three things through the book as I read:

1. There's no way he doesn't know!
2. Tell him Scarlett!!
3. Michael, forget Samantha!

The cover is what first caught my attention, and since it was free at the time, I took a peek inside. That was it. I couldn't stop reading, and read it all in one sitting. The Black Chapel had a bit of a Pretty Woman feel to it, but it was it's own story entirely.

To learn more about Marilyn Cruise and her books, visit her on Goodreads.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Breaking Series by Juliana Haygert Got a Makeover!

Breaking Free (The Breaking Series #1) by Juliana Haygert
Previously Titled: Breaking Fences
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: August 19, 2013
Publisher: Self

Horses, mansions, tea parties, and lies are twenty-year-old Hannah Taylor’s life. To others, her family and her relationship with Eric is perfect. But she knows the truth. She lives it.

After a fire takes her grandma’s life and kills her horse, Hannah’s immaculate life spirals out of control. Her father disapproves of her decision to run her grandma’s ranch instead of focusing solely on learning the family business; Animal Control brings her Argus, a mistreated horse that she can’t turn away even though she’s not ready for another horse; and her boyfriend, Eric Bennett, a world famous polo player, becomes possessive and authoritarian. Despite her best efforts to disguise it, Hannah grows wary of him.

Then, Leonardo Fernandes struts onto the polo scene. A cocky rookie with a messy life of his own, he’s drawn to Hannah and isn’t afraid of showing it, even when Eric makes it clear she is his and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Hannah suffers for Eric’s jealousy. The abuse only gets worse when Leo steals the title of best polo player in the world from Eric.

But the title isn’t enough for Leo. He wants Hannah too, and she can’t deny her attraction to him either. Somehow, she must find a way to break free from abusive Eric before he breaks every bone in her body. Check out my review!

(click for larger image)

Breaking Away (The Breaking Series #2) by Juliana Haygert
Previously Titled: Breaking the Reins
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: June 13, 2014
Publisher: Self

All Beatriz “Bia” Fernandes wants is to prove herself—to her family and friends—though it’s hard to prove anything with an overbearing father and three famous polo-playing older brothers. After her acceptance into college results in a heated family argument, the Brazilian girl leaves everything behind to find her own American dream.

College life away from home is perfect until the people she believes to be her friends turn on her. With lies and rumors threatening to suffocate her, Bia turns to her only freedom. Riding. But one thing gets in the way of her escape. Garrett Blackwell and his bad cowboy attitude. Working at the ranch is his obligation, bugging Bia is his newfound hobby. His thick skin and easy grin don't hide what Bia already knows—this misunderstood and lonely cowboy fights his own demons. Brushing horses’ coats and mucking out stalls shouldn't be this sexy, and it isn’t long before he becomes a part of her distraction.

However, escaping won’t solve her problems, and it’s up to Bia to break down the fences around her and prove her strength—not to her family and friends, but to herself … and for Garrett. Because standing on her own doesn't have to mean standing alone. Check out my review!

(click for larger image)

Breaking Through (The Breaking Series #3) by Juliana Haygert
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: June 2015
Publisher: Self

From the outside, Hilary Taylor has it all—beauty, money, a caring family, good friends—but inside she’s struggling, full of fears. Events from the past forever changed her, and though years of therapy have helped, she still has a long way to go…. No matter how much progress she’s made, Hil isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to trust men again. Especially one who sees her as nothing more than a pretty face. But Hil knows it's time to face her fears, and the best way to do that is to start small.

To Guilherme Fernandes life is about three things: polo, parties and pretty girls—only one of which he takes seriously. Gui is too focused on his polo career to waste time on relationships, however he can’t help but be intrigued by the beautiful yet troubled Hil. So when she decides she'd like to learn more about horses, Gui is happy to find himself in the right place at the right time. But what was supposed to be a one time thing, soon turns into a weekly date.

As Gui helps her discover a new found love for horses, Hil’s guard begins to crumble. The more support Gui offers, the more she wants to accept...and the more the lines of friendship blur. Despite knowing better, Hil can’t help it as Gui slowly breaks through the walls she’s built. Now she has to decide if she’ll stop him there, or if she’ll finally let her fear go and allow Gui to reach for her heart.

(click for larger image)

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Have you read these books by Juliana Haygert?

While Juliana Haygert dreams of being Wonder Woman, Buffy, or a blood elf shadow priest, she settles for the less exciting—but equally gratifying—life of a wife, mother, and author. Thousands of miles away from her former home in Brazil, she now resides in Connecticut and spends her days writing about kick-ass heroines and the heroes who drive them crazy.

To learn more about Juliana Haygert and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebook and Twitter.

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