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Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: The Black Chapel by Marilyn Cruise

 The Black Chapel by Marilyn Cruise
Genre: Adult Fiction (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published:  January 1, 2014
Publisher: Self

What would you do if a sexy billionaire asked you to marry him just for his money?

Scarlett hates her new job as a stripper, but she can’t afford to quit or she’ll lose her house and won’t be able to afford to pay for her dad’s chemo.

One night, the handsome billionaire Michael Manning visits the club and shows interest in Samantha (Scarlett’s stage name). Scarlett is immediately attracted to Michael, but she refuses to date anyone she meets at the club.

On Sunday, Scarlett’s friend drags her to church, and to her surprise, Scarlett meets Michael again. He doesn’t realize she’s Samantha from last night and asks her out.

But Scarlett would never have guessed what he’s about to propose on their first date. Michael needs to marry before his mother dies of cancer, or he’ll lose his entire inheritance. He presents Scarlett with a deal where she’ll receive half of the inheritance if she marries him within two weeks and divorces him after his mother dies.

Scarlett agrees to the deal. But soon she develops feelings for Michael and they begin a steamy affair.
Serious problems arise when Michael continues to show interest in Samantha, thinking he’s keeping it a secret from Scarlett. And when Scarlett’s pretend mother-in-law has her followed to work, Scarlett’s secret could very well cost her the billion dollar deal and her relationship with Michael.

The Black Chapel is the debut novel by Marilyn Cruise. This was an entertaining and naughty little story. Scarlett and Michael were likeable right from the beginning. I think Michael was more of a tease to Scarlett then she was to him when they first met, which was cute.

The story was a different kind of love triangle, if a girl could have a love triangle with herself that is. It was unique, and I liked it. I kept thinking three things through the book as I read:

1. There's no way he doesn't know!
2. Tell him Scarlett!!
3. Michael, forget Samantha!

The cover is what first caught my attention, and since it was free at the time, I took a peek inside. That was it. I couldn't stop reading, and read it all in one sitting. The Black Chapel had a bit of a Pretty Woman feel to it, but it was it's own story entirely.

To learn more about Marilyn Cruise and her books, visit her on Goodreads.

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