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Monday, November 13, 2023

Book Review: Marked by K.A. Gandy

Marked (Populations Crumble: Resurgence #1) by K.A. Gandy
Genre: Young Adult Fiction (Dystopian Romance)
Date Published: February 25, 2023
Publisher: Thigpen-Gandy Publishing

Demy has been on the run since she was thirteen years old. Mysterious men in black cloaks have been chasing her, and so far she's evaded them. Something, though, has changed since she turned eighteen. Their attempts to capture her have gotten closer and closer, until she's only got one option left: turning herself over to the NLC, for the compulsory marriage program.

She doesn't want to get married, but with her would-be captors on her heels, she's got no choice but to hope the NLC's strict security protocols will be a safe haven. Marriage is a small price to pay for her life, after all. And maybe, just maybe, she'll finally have the space to discover why she's being hunted.

Marked is a new entry point in the Populations Crumble world, but many familiar characters will be present from the original trilogy.

Marked is the first book in the Populations Crumble: Resurgence Series by K.A. Gandy. I’m so glad there’s more for us in this world, because I really wanted to know how things progressed after the last trilogy. What's changed? We do get to see some of those characters too, which really adds to the fun of this book, but Demy is a fantastic character all on her own. This was an introduction to her life, and I’m really curious as to what’s going on that we don’t know yet! Who’s after her?! Why!? What?! I can’t wait for more!

Marked by K.A. Gandy was kindly provided to me by Book Sirens for review. The opinions are my own.

Have you read the original trilogy yet?? 

K. A. Gandy was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is married with two babies of her own. K. A. has worked as a restaurant hostess, library book shelver, ranch hand, tour guide, Realtor, tech whiz, landlord, and small business consultant, all in addition to pursuing her passion of writing. As a person of many interests, her life has never been boring.

She likes to write late in the evenings and thinks drinking hot tea and baking great cookies fuels hopes and dreams.

To learn more about K. A. Gandy and her books, visit her on  Facebook & Goodreads.

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