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Monday, January 16, 2023

I Still Love You (Quaint #2) by Sara Tallary
Genre: Young Adult Fiction (Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)
Date Published: October 25, 2022
Publisher: Self

Two years ago, I fled.

I have no choice but to pack up and move back to Quaint when a tiny computer glitch screws me out of my next traveling nurse opportunity. At first, it makes me anxious. Because he’s there. My ex, the man I pulled away from instead of leaning on after tragedy struck.

Then I realize I’m being gifted another chance to redeem myself from past mistakes and release the guilt I’ve been harboring. The problem? Luke Sacks has no intention of forgiving me. He spits nasty insults at me every chance he gets. Glares at me with those brilliant green eyes that used to worship me.

It only worsens when I put my foot in my mouth and lie to a coworker that Luke and I are together again. Only, we’re far from it.

Two years ago, she fled.

After a bar fight leaves me with a nasty little gash, my twin brother forces me to the emergency room. In a flash, it’s as if the past two years haven’t gone by because she’s there. My ex, the woman I lowered to one knee for.

The chance encounter is short-lived, but then suddenly, she’s back in Quaint, declaring to a coworker that we’re back together. I go from being her ex-fiancĂ© to her fake boyfriend in seconds. Stunned, I don’t clear the air. First, because this guy rubs me the wrong way. Second, the heartbreak is too real, the anger too palpable.

So, I strike up a deal that I’m positive will have her leaving Quaint permanently. Because there’s no way I’ll ever forgive Layla Robinson for what she did to me, for the shockwave she leveled me with when she pulled her Houdini act.

This time when she leaves, I’ll be looking forward to it.


I STILL LOVE YOU is a full-length enemies to lovers, second chance, fake dating romance with a hot twin, hilarious side characters, angsty tension, and past mistakes that eventually lead to a happily ever after! Recommended for 18+.

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I Still Love You is the second book in the Quaint series by Sara Tallary. Everyone mourns differently. For Layla she ran away for years. I don't really understand why she seemed to only run away from her fiance. She still talked to the rest of her family. She completely blocked Luke from her life though so I don't get that. I completely understand Luke never wanting anything to do with her again. In doing so, he's almost turned himself into a monster though. He lets his anger override everything in violent ways. Not a good thing. So, needless to say, there is a lot for these two to work on.... baggage piles everywhere! This was a quick story to read, and I'd forgotten it was part of a series until after I was finished. Will I read the first book? I'm undecided.

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Sara Tallary lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and dog. When she isn’t spending her days writing or brainstorming new ideas for stories, she’s homeschooling her kids, cuddling up with her gorgeous Malinois pup, and binge-watching TV shows with her husband or playing Mario Kart (and winning, hah!). Though she tries to stay on a healthy diet, she has a love for sweets, is constantly adding books to her TBR, and loves a good laugh.

To learn more about Sara Tallary and her books, visit her website. You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebookInstagramTikTok, BookBub, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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