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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Book Review! Darkest Mate by Alexis Calder

Darkest Mate (Rejected Fate #1) by Alexis Calder
Genre: New Adult Fiction (Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)
Date Published: December 9, 2021
Publisher: Self

Weakness means death. Or worse.

After I was abandoned as a child, I was taken in by the Shadow Pack. A group of ruthless, lawless, shifters who have only one rule: never let anyone see your weakness.

In exchange for them keeping me alive, I owe them. The leader of the Shadows is as handsome as he is ruthless. And he’s offered to wipe my debt in exchange for marriage. He’d offer protection, but it would cost me my freedom.

Survival in the Shadows depends on back alley deals and shady alliances. It’s become a way of life that I stopped questioning years ago. When a routine burglary goes wrong, I find myself captured by the one family I never should have crossed.

The Umbra family owns this city. They make us Shadow wolves look like the good guys. They should have killed me for my crimes, but there’s a tiny problem… It turns out Madoc Umbra is my fated mate.

Instead of killing me, I’m a prisoner. The rest of the family doesn’t know of our bond and I intend to keep it that way. Madoc’s brothers want to end my life; he wants to break the bond. I just want to get the heck out.

As long as I don’t let them see any weakness, I might have a chance of making it out of here alive.

Darkest Mate is a full-length paranormal romance. 17+ for dark content, steamy scenes, and language. This is book one in a trilogy and is not a standalone. Mind the cliff.

Darkest Mate is the first book in the Rejected Fate series by Alexis Calder. Ivy is trying to survive by working off a dept, that she shouldn't owe, that should allow her to be a pack member of a pack that's treated her like crap her whole life. I don't trust Dax at all. I feel like he's using Ivy. And, I'm on the fence about the Dark Wolf- although at least with him, what you see seems to be what you get...sorta. There are a lot of shady things going on, and I'm not entirely sure what the game plan is, but like the last series I read by this author, I'm already hooked.

Darkest Mate by Alexis Calder was kindly provided to me by Book Sprout for review. The opinions are my own.

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Alexis Calder writes sassy heroines and sexy heroes with a sprinkle of sarcasm. She lives in the Rockies and drinks far too much coffee and just the right amount of wine.

To learn more about Alexis Calder and her books, visit her on GoodreadsFacebookFacebook Reader GroupTwitter, and BookBub.

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