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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Book Review: Mistletoe in Mayhem Boxed Set by L.E. Rico

Mistletoe in Mayhem Boxed Set (Whiskey Sisters #3) by L.E. Rico
Genre: Adult Fiction (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: November 12, 2018
Publisher: Entangled Publishing. LLC (Bliss)

Travel to the quirky town of Mayhem, Minnesota, with these two companion novellas that prove love, and sisterhood, will always save the day.

A Christmas Wedding In Mayhem
You’re cordially invited to the wedding of the century! Please join bride-trying-not-to-be-a-zilla Hennessy O’Halloran and her prince-in-shining-snow-boots as they finally say, “I do.” Unless a rogue wedding planner and a blizzard that takes out the entire Midwest can stop them, these two will get married on Christmas. The town of Mayhem will make sure of it.

A Surprise Baby In Mayhem
The town of Mayhem, Minnesota, is about to have a population explosion…and the Whiskey Sisters are getting more than they expected! While newlyweds Henny and Bryan are anxiously awaiting not one but two little bundles of joy, Jameson and Scott are focusing on planning their own perfect wedding, with only one troublesome toddler in tow. But babies have a way of arriving on their own schedules…and fate has a way of intervening in this quirky hamlet. Now, the couple finds themselves scrambling to beat the clock—and the odds—to their own happily ever after before their unexpected special delivery arrives.

A Christmas Wedding in Mayhem is the first book in the Mistletoe in Mayhem Boxed Set by L.E. Rico. Hennessy and Bryan are planning their wedding, and I think Bryan wants it to be even more perfect than Hennesy does. He just wants it to be her dream wedding. It's sweet how hard he tries. I'm sorry! I can't help it, but Jaxon irritated me quite a bit. I know he's just a fictional toddler, and he had a couple funny parts, but dang.

The wedding spirit is still in the air in the second book, A Surprise Baby In Mayhem. As you might guess from the title, there may be more on the way than a wedding as well. Babies, babies everywhere. Jaxon was a bit more tame this time around, thank goodness. We could concentrate more on what was going on in the story. I love the characters within this series. I love this town. I love the people who live in this town. I'm ready to move there. I'm also looking forward to Bailey and Walker's stories. Did we get a little peek at what might be in store for Walker? I hope so!

The ARC of Mistletoe in Mayhem Boxed Set was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

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For these "sweeter" romances, Lauren E. Rico will be be writing as L.E. Rico. She was going to be principal French horn of the New York Philharmonic. That was HER plan, anyway. The New York Philharmonic had no idea of her intentions, and that's probably a good thing, since she wasn't an especially good French horn player!

Lauren was, however, an exceptionally good classical music radio host. Calling herself a “Classical Music Reanimator,” she has made a career of bringing back long-dead composers from The Great Beyond and plopping them down smack in the middle of the 21st century. In other words, she does her best to demystify classical music for her audiences by taking it off a dusty old pedestal and putting it into a modern context.

It's only been over the last couple of years that Lauren has discovered a passion for writing, which she's managed to combine with her love and knowledge of the classical music world. That's when she had the realization that she had something special with this story of love and obsession and music.

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