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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Book Review! Risking Her Heart by Rochelle Katzman

Risking Her Heart: A Contemporary Romance Novel by Rochelle Katzman
Genre: Adult Fiction (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: May 12, 2017
Publisher: TCK Publishing

Billionaire playboy.

He’s ruthless in business and in bed.

He’ll sleep with you, rip your heart out, and never commit.

He’ll charm you, seduce you, and set your world on fire.

He’ll make you feel as if you’re his woman, then claim you’re only friends.

Friends, as in call once in a while. Not friends with the potential of more.

Drake doesn’t do more.

He’s the exact type of man Livvie needs to stay away from, especially with her destructive pattern of dating narcissistic men who refuse to be monogamous.

Until fate forces them to meet.

Livvie wins a one-week stay at Morganthal Winery, owned by Drake Morganthal. She doubts she’ll see him. And even if she does, there’s no way he’ll give a random raffle winner the time of day.

But she’s wrong.

From the moment they lock eyes, their chemistry is so intense, Drake has to have her. He makes his motives very clear.

Between his delicious wines and his gorgeous body, which she craves like a drug, Livvie has to decide if she’ll spend the week in his vineyard and his bed, or if she’s strong enough to turn away a man as addictive as Drake Morganthal. 

Risking Her Hear by Rochelle Katzman is full of steamy chemistry and bad attitudes. Let me start by saying, in real life, Drake is the kind of guy I would never be remotely attracted to. Hot or not. The way he treats Livvie? He was down right mean to he through most of the book. No way. I wouldn't have taken that crap. Livvie shouldn't have either. I know! I get it. He has baggage. Who doesn't dude? *wink* With that being said, there is something hard to resist when it comes to a chracter like him in fiction. I mean, I seriously couldn't stop reading. I have no clue why. I guess because it lures you in with the fictional, fantasy aspect. We all think we can fix the broken, bad boy. This story allows you to do just that vicariously through Livvie without the risk. Plus, the author's writing style is pretty darn good. She makes you truly care about her characters. So, did I like it? I did. Will I read more by this author? I will.

Risking Her Heart by Rochelle Katzman was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

Livvie’s heart felt as if there were a ton of bricks on it. She didn’t want Drake involved in her drama. In the big picture, he had no intention of being part of her life. He had made that clear. She didn’t want to make the same mistake with Drake as she had with Zach. Both men had spoken their truth. It was up to her to listen.
“I’m sorry,” Livvie whispered. “He wasn’t going to harm me. Please, don’t worry. I can take care of myself.”
She heard a bang on the other end of the line. It sounded as if Drake had punched the wall.
“And how do you know he won’t harm you? You’re five foot nothing, Olivia. If he tries to hurt you, how are you going to take care of yourself?”
Livvie sighed. “He has never hurt anyone, and I know a lot of people in his circle. If he physically harmed me, I’d make sure they found out. And he knows this.”
“But I didn’t know that, Olivia. All I heard was your ex screaming at you. If he really is your ex, that is. He doesn’t seem to think so. And worse than that, “I heard the fear in your voice. Do you know what I wanted to do to him? Do you?”
“No,” Livvie whispered.
“I wanted to break every bone in his body.”
Livvie swallowed. “Why, Drake?”
Livvie heard Drake inhale loudly.
“Because we’re friends.”
Livvie’s heart sank. “And yet yesterday morning, we were more than friends.” She had no interest in having more male friends. She wondered if Drake had heard Zach’s rant about never wanting to commit.
“You’re wrong. We were friends then, too,” Drake replied.

Rochelle Katzman spent her childhood penning stories, and at the age of six, she won two creative writing awards. When she was twenty-two years old, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in musical theatre from Syracuse University. Rochelle is also an international yoga instructor and a life coach. When she’s not traveling the world teaching workshops or helping women to achieve their dreams, she’s at home writing books. She currently lives in New York, but she’d love to move to a beautiful land filled with ethereal fairies and magical castles. Rochelle enjoys spending time with her dog, Henry, when he’s not eating her favorite shoes.

To learn more about Rochelle Katzman and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Goodreads and Twitter.

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