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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Top Ten Week! My Favorite Book Boyfriends of 2016

These guys know how to steam up the pages! They are in no particular order. Click the images to read my reviews.
He's a childhood friend who becomes more with a mix of sweet and naughty.

You can't go wrong with a steamy cowboy best friend. Or can you??

A dangerous spy with a naughty reputation.

Dax lives in a world I could get lost in, and be completely happy about it. He has a past. He has trust issues. He's Alpha. He also has this teddy bear side that he tries pretty darn hard to keep hidden.

I can't adequately describe Alex in any way that would do him the justice he deserves.

Is it weird that I'm adding Jaxon to this list? He's not dating the main character. She doesn't even like him. He's not nice most of the time. Why is he here? Because there is something about him! I don't think we've seen much of the true Jaxon yet. We've gotten glimpses, but that's all. I can't help myself. I have to add him.

I got to know him in the previous books as his present self. In Timeless, I went back in time and got to know his younger self. I like him even more now! This dude's pretty hard to resist.

I've been intrigued by Logan since book one, and let me tell you... he didn't disappoint.

Julian is pretty steamy. His romantic situation won't be easy. It never is for a shadowhunter.

Forbidden. Passionate. Vampire. What's not too love??


  1. Thank you for including Jaxon. You'll be happy with Fanning the Flames that comes out this March. But you'll have to wait until Book 5 to see how it all ends. Mwah ha ha ha, Chris Cannon

    1. I can't help but love him! LOL! Grumpy-ness and all. AHH! I can't wait!!


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