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Friday, October 14, 2016

Book Review of Dark Diary by P. Anastasia

Dark Diary (Dark Diary, #1) by P. Anastasia
Genre: New Adult Fiction (Paranormal Romance)
Date Published: September 26, 2016
Publisher: Self

Worlds collide when a young woman with a dark past encounters a young man with an even darker one. More human than vampire, Dark Diary is a quaint, sophisticated romance detailing the accounts of two lovers who have paid the ultimate price...

Forbidden romance in the vein of classics like Wuthering Heights, frosted with the seductive allure of the original Dark Shadows, Dark Diary documents a pair torn apart by time. The story is told by a 400-year-old immortal and a 21-year-old modern-day artist.

He's haunted by guilt over the passing of a friend and lover--the daughter of an English Baron in 17th century Ireland.

She's tormented nightly by visions of her own untimely death.

Together, they find solace by sharing secrets beneath the light of the moon.

From the author of the Fluorescence Series, this timeless, genre-crossing love story with supernatural undertones, will capture your heart and never let go.

Dark Diary is the first book in the Dark Diary series by P. Anastasia. Within this story we're in the present then travel to the past and back again. I enjoyed Matthaya's story in the past quite a bit. Him and Katherine were full of emotions and passion, and their story was easy to get lost in. Once in the present, the emotion is gone. And it's supposed to be in a sense, as the vampires of this world lack many of the emotions they had as a human, such as love. They live primarily on instinct. I'm not quite so convinced that they've lost these emotions, so much as shut them off. Maybe they've even done it unconsciously. I'm not sure yet. Just a theory, but from early on, I thought Matthaya showed some behaviors that a cold feeling-less vampire wouldn't show. There were other things that made me wonder as well, but you won't get any spoilers here. I'm very curious as to how these emotions change, if they do, in the upcoming books.

Dark Diary by P. Anastasia was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

 “I will belong to no other.” Muffled by the effects of recently ingested poison, my voice was nearly inaudible.
I clasped my hands together near my lips and closed my eyes to absolve myself. It is often said that you will find God when you are near death, but God was not who I sought.
     Lingering on the thought, I glanced down at the icy water sweeping over my bare feet. The rocks were slippery and the darkness made it difficult to see anything besides the reflection of the vigilant moon.
     With each step, my legs grew heavier—weaker—until I could stand no longer. I slipped and hit the water with a splash.
The current pushed and pulled at my limbs. Coils of seaweed and dead branches weaved themselves into the curls of my hair as my body swayed against the tide. My fingers glided across waterworn stone, indentations in the rocks catching my fingernails.
     Then I felt nothingness.
     Life and death battled for my soul, their claws tugging me violently from side to side. The outcome was easily decided once a wave crashed into my face, filling my mouth and lungs with seawater.
     Numb, my limbs no longer responded to my will. As I was dragged deeper through the blackness, my consciousness drifted in and out—my sacrifice to the watery beast, voluntary.
     Heavy. Weightless. Then suddenly falling forever. Death triumphantly possessed me, a ghostly hand wriggling down my throat to claim my soul. My heart surrendered to the trauma and control over my body faded from my grasp.
     One last thought fluttered by and I opened my eyes. Through my blurry, distorted vision, I almost thought I could see him gazing down at me through the ripples of moonlight.
     I almost thought I could see him reaching out to me.

With character origins tracing back to the late nineties, Dark Diary was the creative leap that sent P. Anastasia plummeting into the literary rabbit hole for good. One of her prized accomplishments, the novel resonates with darkness and passion—the embodiment of her unique storytelling style.

Author of the science fiction tetralogy, Fluorescence, she is no stranger to writing. Drawn to the craft in childhood, she began attempting to produce her first book at age 11.

While working toward her college degree, she wrote news and editorial columns for two campus newspapers. After graduating with a degree in Communications and spending a year studying abroad in Kofu, Japan, she followed her heart to her publishing aspirations. On the side, she enjoys serving as a professional voice talent for radio, television, and audio books.

To learn more about P. Anastasia and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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