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Monday, November 16, 2015

Spotlight on Wonderfully Wicked by C.J. Burright!!

If you've read my review, you know I LOVE Wonderfully Wicked! Well.... it has a new cover and some new revisions! Take a look. This is a must read!

Wonderfully Wicked (The Dreamcaster Series #1) by C.J. Burright 
Genre: Adult (Paranormal Romance)
Date Published: May 13, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance

Dreams can be deadly…

She’s an ordinary girl with a nightmare problem

For as long as she can remember, Kalila Montgomery has been tormented by creatures from her nightmares. Doomed to a solitary life with a herd of cats, she’s determined to go down fighting. Until the man of her dreams—literally—kidnaps her and claims to know a cure. If only she believed him…

He’s not your average supernatural hero

Lydon v’al Endrian will stop at nothing to be free of the V’alkara, a dangerous brotherhood who feed on dreams. But the key to his freedom, sassy dreamcaster Kalila, might be his toughest challenge yet. No matter how much she protests, he intends to keep her safe from the V’alkara…even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Their love is forbidden

Now on the run with a man she can’t quite trust or resist, Kalila must decide—fight for her dream of a normal life? Or embrace a power she doesn’t want to save Lydon? 

“A suggestion.” His voice dropped, weighed down with intensity. “Continue holding your secrets close, hidden. There are some who would misuse your abilities.”
Her heart slammed on the brakes, and she didn’t bother to hide her sarcastic tone. “Like you?”
“I’ll never hurt you.”
“Liar.” Her eyelids drooped. She needed sleep, but not with Mel near. Anyway, she couldn’t leave them both vulnerable to whatever Lydon might do.
“If you need to rest, go ahead.” A smile entered his voice. “I won’t violate you in any way while you dream.”
She rubbed her grainy eyes and straightened. He was too comfortable, too close. Relaxing was out of the question. “I have a great idea. You sleep and I’ll keep watch. When Mel wakes up, I’ll take my turn.”
Without warning, Lydon brushed one long finger along her cheek.
A delicious surge of pleasure coasted down her spine.
“I don’t sleep, Kalila.” His breath trekked over the cheek he’d just touched, exciting all her senses. His mouth hovered a terrifying inch or so from hers.
“Ever?” Her voice trembled in the air between them, skeptical, hopeful.
“Never.” His eyes twinkled with amusement and something else, something hungry, while his attention fixed on her lips.
Yet, she couldn’t move. As she’d aged, her nightmares grew stronger, physically affecting anyone who slept close while she snoozed. So she’d bought a house with some property, enough to provide a barrier between her dreams and sleeping neighbors. No slumber parties for her, no hope of nodding off and waking up wrapped in a lover’s embrace. But now …
The night twirled around her, dizzying, and that yearning to be free of loneliness awakened again. A man who didn’t sleep. A man who couldn’t be harmed by the tentacles of her nightmares. A man who sent her senses into overdrive.
A man who killed her in a night vision.

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C. J. Burright was born and raised in Oregon and loved it so much she never left. While she has worked for years in a law office, she chooses to avoid writing legal thrillers and instead leans toward urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or—since all things medieval and magic fascinate her—fantasy romance. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter, C. J. also has her 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and believes a story isn’t complete without a fight scene. In what spare time she has, she enjoys working out, reading, gardening, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners, with wine whenever possible. She shares a house with her husband, daughter, and a devoted herd of cats.

To learn more about C.J. Burright and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.

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