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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book Review: Burning Down the House by Allie Gail

Burning Down the House by Allie Gail 
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: March 10, 2014
Publisher: Self

Rob Kensington is just your typical high school senior. Athletic, intelligent, handsome. Sees a therapist once a week. Because his parents just died in a house fire of questionable origin. And he doesn't seem to care.
Maybe he isn't so typical. 

Sara Marsh had no clue when she returned to live with her divorced father that the bedroom down the hall would be occupied by a stray with a major attitude problem. The last time she saw Rob, he was a brooding goth who could have passed as Marilyn Manson's love child. But at some point during her three years away, Creepy Kensington managed to evolve into a sizzling hot star running back with smoldering hazel eyes. 

The attraction is undeniable. The temptation is irresistible. And soon they're sharing more than just an address. But with another life lost in a deliberately set blaze, Sara's trust is faltering. Has she lost her heart to a serial arsonist? He's already shown her the allure of playing with fire. 

And someone's about to get burned. 

* This book contains strong language and sexual content and is intended for ages 17+ *

Burning Down the House is the first book I've read by Allie Gail, and let me tell you, I couldn't put this thing down. It was crazy addictive. Not just the romance, which sizzled, but there was a whole mysterious, suspenseful side to the story. There isn't a single character that I didn't mentally accuse. I can usually figure out who's to blame. I usually at least get it narrowed down to two. That wasn't the case with Burning Down the House. Everyone seemed guilty to me. Sara was the only innocent person to me, and that's only because she was telling the story. After reading the blurb, I thought there might be a little drama or suspense, but I had no idea I would get so completely absorbed into the story. The characters have a presence. For example, when Rob is being all smoldery (is that even a word?) with Sara, especially in the beginning... Good Lord, it's like you can feel him in the room. Whether he's good or bad, I'll never tell, but he had me flying through the pages all the same. My favorite parts of the story were the lunch table conversations. They were hilarious, and it brought me right back to high school & I loved it. I loved Burning Down the House. This is one you definitely need to check out.

Burning Down the House by Allie Gail  was kindly provided to me by Xpresso Tours for review. The opinions are my own.

Allie fell in love with the written word from the moment she was issued her very first Sally, Dick and Jane book. Born and raised in Alabama, she now resides in the panhandle of Florida with her own blue-eyed Prince Charming and three obnoxious cats. When she's not working on her latest literary project, she can usually be found watching B-movie horror (the cheesier, the better), reading or playing online computer games while indulging her unhealthy Pepsi addiction.

To learn more about Allie Gail and her books, visit her on GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.

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