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Friday, January 3, 2014

Promo!! Guest Post by Danielle Sibarium, Author of Into You!

Into You by Danielle Sibarium
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Expected publication: December 18, 2013
Publisher: Self

“You start out with the best of intentions, but inevitably you hurt each other. I love you, but that didn't stop me from hurting you last night, or this morning. Love sucks. It's just the way it is.”

Falling in love is easy. But what happens when that love has been tossed aside and trampled on by the person who swore to cherish it? Can you ever trust again, or will the bitter taste of betrayal keep you from allowing anyone else in? 

Carter and Elizabeth come with their own set of baggage. Both have had their heart broken and carry the scars of the past into their relationship with each other. Is love ever enough? Can it overcome? 

By allowing the wrong person into her heart Elizabeth only knew of love tainted with secrets and lies. Can Carter convince her he wants the whole package, heart, body and soul? As Carter attempts to face his past with Elizabeth by his side, it continues to haunt him at every turn. Can he let go and believe in her enough to leave his past behind him, or will he push too hard and send her running into another man’s arms? Check out my review of Into You!

 I looked around at the stores and shops, most of them were closed, with metal grates covering the windows. That was something you didn’t see much of in Jersey, at least not where I lived. That and the attached stores packed so close together, one on top of the other. The stores and restaurants on the main streets tended to be close, but only for a few blocks. All of Brooklyn had this tight squeezed-in feel.

I’d gotten my fill. I found myself looking to get away from the noise of the cars beeping, buses screeching and music blaring. I wanted to go home. Yearning to feel my cool, crisp sheets cradle my bare skin, I walked faster, looked down at my watch, and yawned.

“Son of a bitch!” a male voice barked as I felt myself bounce off what felt like a brick wall.

I shook it off realizing there are no walls in the middle of the sidewalk. The hard object I bumped into was a man.

“Sorry,” I said, before even looking at him.

The striking young man shook his head annoyed. He looked down at his chest to assess the damage. I followed his gaze, and gasped as I made out the egg carton against his chest oozing with gook.

Without thinking, I reached into my pocket, pulled out a tissue and dabbed at the eggy spot on his suit jacket. I hesitated, embarrassed at the liberty I had taken. With heat filling my face I looked up, and met his eyes for the first time. My stomach tumbled. I stood frozen, mesmerized by his steely grey eyes. In an attempt to hide my awkwardness I pulled my hand away from him.

“Forget it,” the handsome stranger said.

“The yolks on you,” I recovered.

“Very funny,” he snapped.

“I didn’t mean . . .” I looked away, disappointed he didn’t get my humor. Why should he be any different than the rest of the guys I’ve come across? Especially since I left my mark on him.

“Yes, you did,” he said soberly. After a moment he continued. “Good thing I like my eggs scrambled,” the corners of his lips turned up ever so slightly.

Now back to my big news, can you guess what it is?

Check out my review one of Danielle Sibarium's other novel For Always

Where do my book ideas come from?
One of the most common questions I’m asked is where do the ideas for my books come from? That’s a great question, I wish I had a fabulous answer, but to give a single source of inspiration would be both misleading and untrue.

Some ideas come from dreams. I have two series’ that I’ve yet to attempt to plot based on two amazing dreams. Of course both are romance. One takes place in a dystopian society, while the other is of the paranormal genre. The first really big book idea I had was this paranormal, and at the time the idea involved vampires. I thought vampires were so overplayed; there was no way they’d be around much longer. This was back in the late 1990’s.

Instead, I started writing from the heart. I loved the idea of using the Jersey Shore as a setting, before it became the hot spot for reality TV. I had the two main characters, Reece and Jenna. I knew Jenna was going to fall head over heels for Reece, but when things started turning in their direction something awful was going to happen leaving Jenna not just separated from her love, but devastated as well.

I started to create the backstory and discover why Reece was so important to Jenna. They’d known each other for quite some time; she loved him from afar. The more backstory I created, the clearer it became, I wasn’t writing the story I originally set out to write, I was writing what would become For Always.

Once I dedicated myself to writing this “other” story instead, I was able to separate the story lines fairly easy and the characters took on a life of their own. But as I developed one of the lesser characters, I found myself turning in a dark direction with Chris. He became a serious threat to Stephanie, and instead of creating this sweet love story about best friends falling in love, I now had someone dangerous to contend with. When he pulled out a knife and threatened to slash Stephanie’s face, I knew what I had to do. I had to write To My Hero: A Blog of our Journey Together.

Although it took a while to figure out the right way to tell it, To My Hero was with me for a long time, and I’d fallen in love with Ryan and Carly ages before ink found paper. For Always, The Heart Waves Series, and To My Hero: A Blog of Our Journey Together were all at one point connected to each other.

One by one, a sliver of something whole and special, and completely separate from the others was created.

That being said, I don’t really know where Into You came from. But before writing Ryan’s response in To My Hero, and the Epilogue of Waves of Love in Tyler’s point of view, I didn’t have confidence that I could pull off writing the male POV.

Currently I have two WIPs. While I’m not ready to delve into the details of each, I will tell you the idea for one of them has come straight from my fans. The other came to me as a woman I didn’t know well sat at my kitchen table telling me her heartbreaking tale. As she was speaking, Mackenzie Green and Brayden Turner were brought to life from the tears she brought to my eyes. I look forward to introducing you to them soon!
Danielle Sibarium grew up as an only child of divorced parents in Brooklyn, New York. Her imagination was developed at an early age. Surrounded by stuffed animals and imaginary friends, she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarfs, or Cinderella waiting for the prince.

Danielle always loved dialogue and in elementary school began writing plays and short stories. This is when she began to understand she could not only bring her fantastical world to life for herself, but she could enchant others as well. And so she wrote. She wrote and wrote and wrote.

Sadly the first piece she ever sent out for publication of any sort was a letter to the editor of The Home News Tribune. It was a piece thanking the first responders for their bravery and selflessness on Sept 11th. It was chosen as letter of the week.

In 2007 Danielle collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand, and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody.
 In October 2011 Danielle’s debut novel For Always was released. She Has since released Heart Waves and the second book in the Heart Waves series, Breaking Waves. 

Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors, and currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children. Check out my interview with Danielle!

To learn more about Danielle Sibarium, visit her website. You can also find her on Twitter.

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