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Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Genre: Young Adult (Paranormal/Mythological Romance)
Date Published: May 22, 2012
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

The Blurb:
Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen—literally, ouch!—both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma's gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom...

Told from both Emma and Galen's points of view, here is a fish-out-of-water story that sparkles with intrigue, humor, and waves of romance.

My Review:
Of Poseidon is the first book in the Of Poseidon series by Anna Banks. I have to say I enjoyed this book, and finished reading it pretty quickly. There were aspects that really bothered me though. The Syrena seem to be a pretty sexist civilization. That alone is acceptable as it could add to the plot. I wanted Galen to be different though. I wanted him to be different from what his society expects of him. I think he's trying to be, but he surprised me with his behavior at times. I'm holding out hope that it is because he's royalty or maybe because he's never let himself love anyone before. Maybe he doesn't realize his actions/thoughts are inappropriate and/or sexist yet. I'm making a lot of excuses for him, because in the beginning I really liked him. I want that Galen to come back, and kick the easily angered and controlling Galen to the curb. So, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and keep hoping that he matures in the next book. I enjoyed Emma. She's spunky and fun. Most of the time, Galen and Emma are very cute together too, even when they argue. I also enjoyed Rayna and Toraf's interactions. Rayna is a little spit fire. She adds quite a bit of humor to the story. You always know what she's thinking. Toraf is such a sweet heart. I have issues with the whole secret mating ceremony stunt he pulled off though. It just adds more fuel to the sexist fire that this book builds. It's hard to connect Toraf's  laid back gentleman-like personality to that action. It's almost like two different people. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt too though. This story kept me engaged though. I definitely want to know what happens next. But let me tell you, Galen and Toraf better not let me down in the next book. *wink*

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About the Author:
New York Times Bestselling author of The Syrena Legacy series.

Grew up in a town called Niceville. No, seriously. I graduated from Niceville High School. So did J Lo's second husband. And the guy that plays Aqua Man on Smallville dated my best friend.

Now I indulge my tendency to lie by writing the lies down and selling them to publishers. Well actually my agent sells it, so she's an accomplice to lies. One of my lies is called OF POSEIDON. The sequel is called OF TRITON. I'm still making up the third lie, OF NEPTUNE.

And um. I also write adult fiction under pen name Anna Scarlett. One of the adult lies is DEGREES OF WRONG.

That is all.

To learn more about Anna Banks and her books, visit her blog.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

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