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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Character Guest Post: Reece from Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium

We've never had a character guest post before, so this is a special day for us! Reece from Heart Waves has joined us to talk about Jenna. Awwe!

"It's like Romeo and Juliet, You're going to break my heart." These were among the first words Jenna spoke to me. As I stood there watching her lips move, I couldn't help but wonder if they tasted as delicious as they looked. I fell under her spell, and I knew like the star crossed lovers she just mentioned, I'd fallen in love at first sight. Jenna later joked if I were looking to mirror a love story, one where the lovers die tragically probably isn't the best choice.

She ran off so fast I couldn't help but follow. I was intrigued, captivated. We connected in that instant, like our hearts fused together. I couldn't understand why had my buddy called her "The Ice Queen?" She was so beautiful, and there heat nothing but heat between us. I wanted to know more about her. I found her out back, sitting by herself.

She looked upset and I wondered why. Did she feel it too? Like she was jumping out of a plane unsure if the parachute would open? I fought the urge to wrap my arms around her and taste the sweetness of her lips, boy was that a struggle.The attraction between us was mutual and magnetic. I could see she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. She fought against it, and I wondered if I'd met her on the boardwalk or on the beach, anywhere else, would she have reacted differently? If she didn't convince herself in the first minute we met that I would hurt her, would she have trusted me?

I had no choice, I had to win her over. If you want to find out if I did and if I managed to get that silly prediction out of her head, you're just going to have to read along and take the ride with us.

A special thank you to Danielle Sibarium for letting us borrow Reece! To learn more about Danielle Sibarium, visit her website. You can also find the author on Twitter.

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