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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Post with Danielle Sibarium: Top 5 Sure Fire Signs You Should See Other People

This has been a wonderful week so far! We get to have Danielle Sibarium, author of For Always, on our blog twice in one week! If you missed our interview with her from Monday, be sure to check it out. Now, I'm going to pass over the blog to Danielle. We are so glad to have you here again!
Thank you Gabby for inviting me here today, it is both an honor and a privilege!

Spring is in the air and as the flowers bloom and the trees blossom we are filled with the promise of something new and wonderful. It’s the time of year we want to give in to that all-encompassing feeling of falling in love. We all know the ecstasy of falling in love, that undeniable pull, the strong attraction and invasion of your mind, that feeling of walking on air when you can think of nothing but that new love you’ve found. But then things change, subtlety at first, so how do you know if he’s really the one? Here is a list of my top five sure fire signs you should start seeing other people.

1. You’re out to dinner with your boyfriend having a great time. The conversation is intriguing and then the food comes. Mr Wonderful reaches for his burger and takes a great big sloppy bite out of it, reminding you very much of the dinner scene between Belle and the Beast. Ugg! The questions start racing through your mind. Does he have any idea what he looks like? Does anyone really eat like that? Start looking!

2. You agree to spend the night apart with your respective friends. Right after your best girlfriend drags you away from the hot guy at the club you were forced to flirt with, you come up with an activity for the rest of the night. You drive down the street your boyfriend is supposed to be on with the headlights off so you’ll be undetectable. He said he just going to hang at home with his buddies and watch a movie. But, if he’s not . . . you can call and meet up with the guy you spent the last few hours dancing with guilt free. Start looking!

3. You haven’t seen or spoken to him all day you want to give him a quick call to tell him you miss him. He answers the phone the way he does every time you call, “Hi Honey,” or “Hi Sweetheart,” you start to realize every time you speak with him, even in person he calls you by a term of endearment and not your name. You think back and can’t really remember the last time he said your name. Does he even know it? Start looking!

4. On the phone, via email, or texts you planned a quiet romantic night at home. The time has come, the doorbell rings, and he leans in to kiss you. You pull away quickly while he’s still trying to put his arms around you, realizing you don’t want him to touch, embrace or kiss you. He asks if everything is okay and you answer sure, your smile feels more like a grimace. He reaches for your hand and just the flesh on flesh touching makes you squirm and your skin crawl. Start looking!

5. He takes you home and you have a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may never see the light of day again. He leaves the room and you find yourself riffling through his things for proof he really is a serial killer. You’re afraid to let him put your jacket in the hall closet because you could swear you heard moaning from a previous victim as you walked by. If you have a gut feeling that the guy is creepy, not only is he not THE ONE, you need to get out as quickly as your feet will take you! Why did you ever stop looking?!
To learn more about Danielle Sibarium, visit her website. You can also find the author on Twitter.

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