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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Guardian's Wildchild Blog Tour: Guest Post by Feather Stone and Giveaway!

Feather Stone's Top Ten List

1. Favorite movie/actor/actress?
I love movies but seldom go to the theatre. Hubby doesn’t like crowds. But if it looks like it’s worth a small fortune to pay for tickets and all the goodies, I’m there. The last two movies I saw were Sea Biscuit and War Horse – and I cried through most of the movie. Perhaps that’s another reason hubby doesn’t go with me. I love the old movies on television. Actors like Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Judy Garland, Fred McMurray, Henry Winkler – the list goes on. Some of the more current actors I’ve enjoyed are Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The formula for a great movie is when the plot doesn’t rely on special effects to grab me. The acting must stand on its own.

2. Favorite song/singer?
Music is my breath, my connection to my soul. I love most music that uplifts or is filled with passion; jazz, blues, country, rock n roll, new age, gospel or someone whistling a melody while enjoying their work. Hubby sometimes whistles while preparing breakfast – what a beautiful way to start the day. While writing The Guardian’s Wildchild I listened continuously to Enya and Loreena Mckennett. Their sound was mystical and it suited many of the scenes I was capturing.

3. Favorite place you would love to visit?
Okay, here’s the short bucket list.
  • Whitehorse to see the northern lights
  • The maritime provinces to see my ancestor’s home
  • The east coast of Vancouver Island to watch the whales
  • Return to Nahanni National Park in the Yukon and stay over night
  • Return to Egypt and stay for at least two weeks
  • Visit family in England and Scotland
4. One item you cannot live without?
My Sheltie, Jasper. It’s hard to imagine going without a being that loves you unconditionally, without the makeup and nice clothes, during dark moods, and is over the moon just to go for walks with me. Hubby and family are wonderful. But nobody looks into my eyes with total love like Jasper does. This was also true for Scotty, another Sheltie to whom I dedicated The Guardian’s Wildchild.

5. Who would you like to meet?(dead or alive)
First person that comes to mind is Sir Ernest Shackleton, explorer. I read the book The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition which described his leadership in saving the lives of his men against impossible odds. The next person I would like to meet is Red Skelton, a man who can tell a gut splitting joke without foul language or insult to any culture. Other persons would be the grandfather I never met, Charlie; and an uncle who was killed in WWII, Stan.

6. Favorite hobby?
Oh, you shouldn’t have asked that! (Hubby is laughing his head off.) Now you’re really in for it. As you can tell, I don’t pick favorites. However, for your sake, I’ll pick what is currently my passion. My animals (one dog, two cats), writing, reading, knitting, playing poker, gardening, photography, studying Islamic culture, watercolor painting (attached is my latest attempt).

7. Guilty pleasure?
Hey, you have to pay me for that info. Okay, I’ll give you a break. Chocolate! I was so
thrilled to learn that it’s actually good for you – in moderation (damn). Then there’s the times I walk in a forest and sit in silence. Being a workaholic, I feel guilty that I should be doing something, anything to keep my hands busy. My dad’s Protestant Work Ethic is firmly entrenched in my psyche.

8. Favorite author and/book?
I’ve read most of Diana Gabaldon’s books and enjoyed her first book “Outlander” more than any other book I’d read before. I’m so busy all the time that when I do sit down to read, it’s usual an easy read like short romance novels. I’ve read some great epic novels. However, I don’t stay attached to anything (the Buddhist influence). I like to stay open to new and different experiences all the time. Life’s too short to limit one’s choices.

9. Do you collect anything?
No, unless you count dust. Housekeeping is low on my to-do list. Now, I don’t live in a dirty house. If company’s coming, Hubby and I can get it ready pretty quick. I just may have to keep the visitors waiting outside while he puts his underwear away.

We are seniors and in the beginning stages of downsizing. Whatever we’ve ‘collected’ in the past is on the hit list unless a relative shows interest. Both of us love art, sculptures and carvings. At one time we thought acquiring art would be a good investment. However, one must sometimes make mistakes in order to grow. We have some beautiful things that will be hard to part with but senior’s homes are generally short on space.

10. Favorite color?
Oh, you’re going to hate me, I just know it. Favorite? Ha! Who isn’t mesmerized by tangerine sunsets/sunrises., or feel the rapture of blue green waters of the Mediterranean. Jasper’s brown eyes and my hubby’s blue eyes remind me that I’m loved. The soft pink in my rose steals away my breath, while white lilies remind me of purity. A green meadow dotted with yellow daisies lifts me above my troubles, and the darkest black night brings quiet and peace. The fury of red, the holiness of violet, the allure of wine – what would life be without all the colors?
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About the Author:

I am a Canadian. Okay, so you get a vision of a peacekeeper, right? Mountains and wheat fields. Correct! Oil rigs and Inuit communities. Sparkling rivers flowing throughout my nation and cold winters. Give yourself A+. To describe myself, I would have to say I'm as diverse as my beautiful country and its people.

My husband gets a tad testy at times as I have several project in varying stages of completion all the time. These range anywhere from digging up my flower beds, training my sheltie, knitting another afghan, writing another novel, photography, geneology, the list goes on. I'm never bored - and I don't think my husband is. Oh, did I say that I also like to play poker, pretty good at it too.
With all that activity, I also love quiet time, sit in silence in a forest, meditate, and slide into a shamanic dimension.

I have experienced the paranormal since I was a child. Therefore, I don't think of these events as odd. They're gifts and I treasure and hold them as sacred. I met my spirit guide when I was about seven. Later, when I was drowning in a lake and laying on the sandy bottom, accepting death. My guide whispered, "If you stand you can breathe." I did as he beckoned and survived, obviously (LOL). Many times my guides have spoken to me, including my father a few years after he died. Now that was unexpected!

I believe everyone is visited by his/her guide though we are often too busy to notice the stranger offering a moment of comfort or assistance. We are all capable of experiencing the paranormal, if you so choose. Sit in silence once each day, even if only for five minutes. Empty the chatter in your mind. Enjoy the bliss.

To learn more about Feather Stone and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.



  1. I could spend lots of time on your blog, Gabby of Beyond Forks! I will be back!!
    Thank you for being part of this Blog Tour "The Guardian's Wildchild" - I have tossed my name in the hat a few times!!

    Thank you

  2. Oh, BTW..... the wolf in your top banner scares me!!!
    I cannot look at it.......


  3. Thank you Patricia! I'm glad you like it here! :o) Don't let the wolf scare you. He's a big ole puppy. I call him Ralph. LOL!

  4. Oh the Northern Lights, I would love to oneday see those.
    Great Q and A:D


  5. Thank you What's Beyond Forks and all the great folks who participated in my book blog tour. This is my first - a great learning experience. I wish everyone love and luck - we can all use a bit of both all the time. Thanks again everyone.


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