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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Book Review: Mr. Malcolm’s List by Suzanne Allain

Title by Author
Genre: Young Adult Fiction (Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)
Date Published: March 2, 2009
Publisher: Berkley Books

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an arrogant bachelor insistent on a wife who meets the strictest of requirements--deserves his comeuppance.

The Honourable Mr. Jeremy Malcolm is searching for a wife, but not just any wife. As the target of matchmaking mothers and desperate debutantes, he's determined to avoid the fortune hunters and find a near-perfect woman, one who will meet the qualifications on his well-crafted list. But after years of searching, he's beginning to despair of ever finding this paragon. Until Selina Dalton arrives in town.

Selina, a vicar's daughter of limited means and a stranger to high society, is thrilled when her friend Julia Thistlewaite invites her to London, until she learns it's all part of a plot to exact revenge on Mr. Malcolm. Selina is reluctant to participate in Julia's scheme, especially after meeting the irresistible Mr. Malcolm, who appears to be very different from the arrogant scoundrel of Julia's description.

But when Mr. Malcolm begins judging Selina against his unattainable standards, Selina decides that she has some qualifications of her own. And if he is to meet them he must reveal the real man behind... Mr. Malcolm's List.

Mr. Malcolm’s List by Suzanne Allain was such a cute story. It has a strong Jane Austen feel to it, which I didn’t mind at all. It wasn’t as heavy or serious as Jane Austen can be at times. I was okay with that too. This was a clean and super adorable little story. All the characters, aside from Julia, we’re completely lovable. This is the kind of book I love with all it’s funny cuteness. It was a fast read and provides a perfect escape, which is exactly what I was looking for. Now, i can’t wait to watch the movie! I’ll also be checking out some other books by this author.

Suzanne Allain is a screenwriter who lived in New York and Beijing before returning to her hometown of Tallahassee, Florida, where she lives with her husband.

To learn more about Suzanne Allain and her books, visit her website. You can also find her on Goodreads, InstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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