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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Book Review! Between Ink and Shadows by Melissa Wright

Between Ink and Shadows (Between Ink and Shadows #1) by Melissa Wright
Genre: Young Adult Fiction (Fantasy Romance)
Narrator: Mary Jane Wells
Date Published: April 25, 2022
Publisher: Self

She’ll win back her freedom, even if she has to steal it.

Nimona Weston has a debt to pay. Her father’s dealings with the dark society known as the Trust cost Nim her freedom. There’s one way out of the contract on her life and that’s to bide her time and pay the tithes. But when the Trust assigns Nim to a task in the king’s own castle, her freedom is not the only thing she’ll risk.

Warrick Spenser has a secret. As king’s seneschal, he should be the last soul in Inara to risk association with dark magic, but long-hidden ties to the Trust are harder to shed than simply cutting the threads. When the Trust sends a thief to his rooms, Warrick thinks he’s finally found a way to be rid of them for good. But Nimona Weston is hiding secrets of her own.

Magical contracts, blood-debt accountants, and a deadly game. A dark and twisty fantasy that pits magic against kings.

Between Ink and Shadows is the first book in the Between Ink and Shadows series by Melissa Wright. This story was definitely interesting and unique. The first half was hard to get invested in, but I felt like things really got going in the second half. I loved the subtle attraction between Nim and Warrick. It was relationship that grew slowly, then bloomed quickly. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. The magic aspect was intriguing, and I don’t fully understand it yet. I would rate this a 3.5, but I’ll bump it to 4 since most scales don’t do halfsies. I feel like this series has a lot of promise. There are many directions it could go.

Between Ink and Shadows was kindly provided to me by Audiobookworm Tours for review. The opinions are my own.

Melissa is the author of more than a dozen YA and fantasy novels including The Frey Saga and BETWEEN INK AND SHADOWS. When not writing she can generally be found talking about a book, painting something from a book, or tucked between headphones listening to a book. It’s kind of a theme. She loves reasonable heroines in unreasonable situations, noble--if brooding--heroes, slow burn and sweet kisses, a lot of havoc, and a little magic.

To learn more about Melissa Wright and her books, visit her website. You can also find her on GoodreadsInstagramBookBubPinterest, and Twitter.

Mary Jane Wells is a British actress, writer, voice-over artist, and Earphones Award and Audie Award–winning narrator. A graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, she held a recurring role on the BBC’s Half Moon Investigates and narrated the BBC Three television show My Children, which won a Scottish BAFTA.

To learn more about Mary Jane Well, visit her website.

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