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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Soundbooth Theatre Anniversary Sale & Audiobook Review: Dracula by Bram Stoker!

Soundbooth Theater is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of their app! To honor this occasion, SBT is throwing a stellar anniversary sale.

➜ Details about the anniversary sale:

  • The sale will start on October 31st, the one-year anniversary of SBT's distribution platform, and will run for two weeks
  • This will be a sitewide sale -- all audiobooks and Audio Deep Dives will be $5 or less
  • SBT will be unveiling some new titles on the platform, including Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon by Matt Dinniman and Monster Hunt NYC 2 by Harmon Cooper

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Narrators: Jeff Hays, Annie Ellicott, & Gary Francis Furlong
Genre: Adult Fiction (Paranormal/Gothic Horror/Classic)
First Published: May 26, 1897
Audiobook Released: October 30, 2020

When Jonathan Harker visits the castle of the enigmatic Count Dracula at the behest of his employer, he has no idea of the horrors lurking within and poised to spread across Europe. But after narrowly escaping the castle – and the vampires dwelling within – Harker knows what true evil looks like. Now, with the help of everyone’s favorite polymath turned vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, and a small band of dedicated do-gooders, Harker must find a way to destroy Dracula and save the world.

Soundbooth Theater is proud to release our rendition of one of the most popular tales in western literature. Jeff Hays, Annie Ellicott, and Gary Francis Furlong effortlessly breathe life into this 123-year-old text. No matter how familiar you are with Dracula, we guarantee this Audio Deep Dive will send shivers down your spine.

WARNING: Our script is a faithful adaptation of a century-old story. As such, some language and themes depicted reflect outdated attitudes that in no way reflect the views of Soundbooth Theater. 

I've seen the movies, but I've never read the book that started it all. So, when I saw the opportunity to listen to an audiobook version told by multiple narrators, I hopped on board. I'm actually glad I waited so long and experienced the book this way first, because the narrators, using different voices and accents, for each character really brought this book to life in a unique way. 

The book itself wasn't entirely what I expected as it was told through letters and diary entries. I had no idea, but now having read it, I couldn't imagine it told any other way. Also, Dracula himself is a main character seen primarily through the eyes of the characters around him.  Not what I was expecting at all. But, all these unexpected things made this story all the more enjoyable. Listen to a sample!

Dracula by Bram Stoker was kindly provided to me by Audiobookworm Promotions for review. The opinions are my own.

Founded by prolific narrator and producer, Jeff Hays, Soundbooth Theater is a full-service audio production company that specializes in multicast audiobooks and Audio Deep Dives, which are enhanced with sound effects and music.

To learn more about Soundbooth Theater and their books, visit their website.

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