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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Release Day Review! Up for Seconds by Melissa Chambers

Up for Seconds: A Second Chance Steamy Romance (Destiny Dunes #2) by Melissa Chambers
Genre: Adult Fiction (Contemporary Romance)
Date Published: April 27, 2021
Publisher: Perry Evans Press

He won’t get in her head again…

Tori Jacobs has spent the past year moving on from her intense relationship with Jack Massey. His jealousy ruined them. They made no sense, anyway. He’s a stuffy, number-cruncher from a wealthy family, and she’s a hot mess from a place that would make his family clutch their pearls. Tori has worked too hard getting over him to turn back now. She’s thrown herself into her work with the kids at the resort and nurtured friendships with her wonderful co-workers. She even tried another relationship. Though Jack never left her head or her heart.

Jack Massey screwed up, and he’s paid the price. He quit drinking and became obsessed with his job and working out. He’s not so much as looked at another woman. Tori’s all he’s been able to focus on, even after a year. He wants her back, but it’s not going to be easy. They come from different worlds, and she makes sure he knows it at every turn. He’s never failed at anything in his life except for his relationship with her, and he doesn’t intend to lose at that again.

Welcome to Destiny Dunes, where the only thing hotter than the Florida sun is the romance between this resort's employees. Each book in this steamy series focuses on your favorite romance tropes. Once you enter the gates of Destiny Dunes, you'll never want to leave! 

Up for Seconds by Melissa Chambers is the second book in the Destiny Dunes series. I was so excited when I found out this was going to be Tori and Jack's story. We got to meet them in the first book, and the chemistry was already crazy, because you knew they had a history. Now, we find out just what exactly that history is. I love Jack. Sure, he was a goober, hence why they have that said "history", but he's so lovable anyway, and I like his personality. Tori is his opposite, and not only that, but they come from opposite worlds. So, they both have a lot to learn and understand about the other. This was a fun one, guys! It's a perfect beach read! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a vacation now, and definitely ready for more in this series.

The ARC of Up for Seconds by Melissa Chambers was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

He stands up and holds his hand out to me. “Well, I’m not ready to let this go. Come into the water with me.”
 I wipe the sand off my hands and then take his hand. He pulls me up, and I follow him into the surf.
“Wow, look at that sunset,” he says.
I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t even noticed. I’ve been too caught up in him. “That’s a beautiful one.”
“Do you know what they say about first kisses under a sunset like that?” he asks.
My chest sears with anticipation. “What do they say?”
“That they’re pretty damn amazing.”
I wish I could stop my stupid grin, but there’s no way. “It’s not our first kiss.”
He takes my hand. “It is for this go-around.” “I think we skipped past kisses last weekend.”
“We just did things a little out of order. We still get to have our second first kiss.”
 “Lucky us.” He looks down at my hand and takes it as the water washes over our calves. The longer he hesitates to kiss me, the more buildup rolls through my body like a big rig.
He takes my other hand as well, still not looking into my eyes. I can’t tell if he’s nervous or trying to make me collapse with want.

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Melissa Chambers writes contemporary novels for young, new, and actual adults. A Nashville native, she spends her days working in the music industry and her nights tapping away at her keyboard. While she’s slightly obsessed with alt rock, she leaves the guitar playing to her husband and kid. She never misses a chance to play a tennis match, listen to an audiobook, or eat a bowl of ice cream. (Rocky road, please!) She has served as president for the Music City Romance Writers and is the author of The Summer Before Forever, Falling for Forever, and Courting Carlyn (Entangled Teen).

To learn more about Melissa Chambers and her books, visit her website. You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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