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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Book Review! Some Like it Plaid by Angela Quarles

Some Like it Plaid by Angela Quarles 
Genre: Adult Fiction(Historical/Fantasy Romance)
Date Published: November 18, 2019
Publisher: Entangled: Amara

When Ashley Miller sees a Craigslist ad for an all-expense paid vacation to Scotland with a handsome Highland “escort”, she’s all over it. Worn out from working two jobs to pay off the debts her scam artist ex-husband left her with, she just needs a friggin’ break already. Rolling, misty mountains of the Scottish Highlands, here she comes!

But one minute she’s sipping a latte and the next she’s zapped to the 2nd century and promptly informed she’s managed to wed her handsome Highlander without even an “I do.” Oh, hell no.

After a devastating tragedy, Connall’s tribe is left with few marriageable women. When his Druid priest suggests a place filled with bonnie lasses, he of course agrees to go fetch one for himself. But nothing prepared Connall for his sassy new wife, nor his tribe for a woman determined to see equal rights for all women.

Now the men are threatening revolt if he can’t rein his young wife in, but it might be too late. The women are demanding the men get “woke”—which of course makes no sense because they already woke that morn—and give women “the vote,” whatever the bloody hell that is. Despite all that, Connall can’t stop wanting to convince his wife to get naked, and he’s starting to wonder if he’s been bewitched.

Only the more he gets to know her, the more he starts to think she’s just what they needed. If only he survives her next demand...

Some Like it Plaid by Angela Quarles grabbed me from the start. I enjoyed the tine period. I enjoyed the location. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed it all. Their romance wasn't an insta thing. It had to grow... along with respect and understanding of how different their expectations really are of one another. It was more believable this way. They're adorable, and they're both so darn stubborn too which added to the funness. Whenever there's a mix of humor, drama, and some steamy romance like this... you can sign me up!  

The ARC of some Like it Plaid by Angela Quarles was kindly provided to me by the publisher for review. The opinions are my own.

She gave a choked laugh, though it was still tinged with the heat of her anger. “This is not the job I signed up for.” 
“It’s not a job. I’m not sure why you keep insisting this. Regardless, I told you what you could expect before you left.” 
“At the coffee shop, just before you agreed to return here with me.” 
Her gaze went unfocused and then pink tinged her cheeks. “I, um…I didn’t quite hear all that.” 
“I said them plainly in your tongue.” 
She flapped her hands. “I was under the spell of your biceps, okay?” 
“Biceps? That sounds like a word in your tongue not mine.” 
She marched back to him. And pointed. At his upper arm muscles. “Those. Happy now?” 
A surprising burst of pleasure filled his chest, but he kept very, very still. 
Then she folded her arms and lifted her chin. “Anyway, I can’t stay here. This is not where I belong.” 
He held his tongue. She was wrong. He was sure of it. She only needed time to adjust. She’d come around. 
But having confirmation of her attraction gave him a new idea. He’d been mulling over the druid’s explanation of the magic. If he teased her, drew this attraction out longer, she’d eventually give in to her desire and join with him. 
The way he saw it, if she initiated, she was telling the magic she belonged here. 
He would simply have to exercise restraint. Somehow. 
“I’m assuming we’re too far back for a shower?” she said. 
“Shower?” This word was also in her tongue, as if the magic didn’t have an equivalent. 
“A bath? Where’s the bathroom?” 
He frowned, which made her eyes get rounder. 
“Oh shit. Don’t tell me.” She flapped her hands around. “Where am I supposed to pee?” 
That he understood. He pointed to a bucket in the corner. 
She turned slowly back to him. “You have got to be kidding.” 
“Why would I jest about such matters?” At the horror dawning across her features, another stab of uncertainty hit him as to whether his land was a better alternative. Of a certainty, they had a more efficient method for such matters. 
“Why, indeed,” she whispered. She turned pleading eyes to him. “I can’t pee in a bucket. Not with you watching. What am I supposed to do with it after?” 
“Throw it over into the south ravine like everyone else.” 
She pointed to herself, then waved a hand around. “Me. Not where I belong.” 
He sighed, stepped into the crisp night air, and closed the door behind him, giving her the privacy she required. Her adjustment might be harder than he figured.

An avid reader herself, Angela Quarles writes books she’d like to read–laugh-out-loud, smart, sexy romances that suck you into her worlds and won’t let you go until you reach The End. She is a RWA RITA® award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary, time travel, and steampunk romance. Library Journal named her steampunk, Steam Me Up, Rawley, Best Self-Published Romance of 2015 and Must Love Chainmail won the 2016 RITA® Award in the paranormal category, the first indie to win in that category. Angela loves history, folklore, and family history and combined it with her active imagination to write stories of romance and adventure..

To learn more about Angela Quarles and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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