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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Book Review! The Duchess Quest by C.K. Brooke

The Duchess Quest (Jordinia #1) by C.K. Brooke
Genre: Young Adult (Fantasy Romance)
Date Published: October 3, 2014
Publisher: 48fourteen

Love is destined to find her...

Dainy doesn't know that she is the lost duchess of Jordinia, or that her uncle has organized a contest to seek her, offering her marriage hand as the reward!

Though at odds, three clashing rivals - a noble giant, a forester, and a thief - voyage together by woodland, plains, and sea to recover the lost royal, notwithstanding assassins and spies at their tail. Soon, Dainy is swept into a comically complex romantic triangle as her suitors compete to capture her heart.

Charmingly romantic and bursting with action, startling twists, and vivid characters, fans of Anastasia and The Princess Bride will adore this original yet timeless tale of swashbuckling adventure and unlikely love. 

The Duchess Quest is the first book in the Jordinia series by C.K Brooke. This story was cute, as were the main characters. I enjoyed them quite a bit. There were several point of views that seemed unnecessary to me though. Some were given just a page or two, and I wondered why include their perspective at all, as they didn't add to or take away from the story as a whole. The main four characters kept my interest. They're on an adventure of sorts filled with humor, danger, and even some romance. It was an enjoyable book, and I'm curious to see what's in store next for these people.

The Duchess Quest by C.K. Brooke was kindly provided to me by Bewitching Book Tours for review. The opinions are my own.

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C.K. Brooke is a 2015 Shelf Unbound Notable Indie author with a five-star rating by Readers' Favorite. She holds numerous fantasy and romance publications with 48fourteen, Limitless Publishing, and Elphame Press. Her lifelong passion is books - reading, writing, editing, publishing and blogging about them. When not blissing out in literary land, she enjoys info-tainment podcasts, singing, songwriting and playing the piano. She lives in Washington, Michigan with her husband and young son. There's tons to check out at the new, so come and see what she's up to! Check out her VIP Newsletter (Subscribers get a free eBook!)

To learn more about C.K. Brooke and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.

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