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Sunday, August 27, 2017

My Non-Review of the Twilight Saga

Since the Twilight Saga was a big inspiration behind the name of my blog, it feels weird sometimes not having reviews of the books somewhere on my blog. 

I started this blog a few years after reading Breaking Dawn, and while I've read all of the books several times since then, I've never felt like I could properly review them. Why? Well, I could probably review New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn just fine. When it comes to Twilight, it gets a little tricky, because the way I felt after I finished that first book was like nothing I've ever felt after reading any other book up to that point. I don't know what made it different or special. I'd read some pretty amazing books before, but I guess for that time in my life, for whatever reason... it was what I needed. I felt completely immersed into the world of sparkly vampires, and if I'm quite honest, it never really let go. 

While I obviously loved the whole series, the first book will always be what amped up my reading addiction to overdrive. I've always enjoyed reading, but I felt the love reignite all over again after reading Twilight, and that fire hasn't dimmed. Hence, why I started blogging and am still blogging. *wink* 

I've long since come to terms with my crazy Twi-ways, and I'm good with it. :-P

I may change my mind one day, re-read the saga... again, and write the reviews for each book. Maybe. Not yet though.  

I have reviewed a couple of Stephenie Meyers other books though...

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