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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book Review! Changing the Earl's Mind by Kristen McLean

Changing the Earl's Mind (The Lords of Whitehall, #3) by Kristen McLean
Genre: Adult (Historical Romance)
Date Published: March 26, 2017
Publisher: Young Ink Press

A man who knows everything…

For nearly a decade, Drake Ramsey, the disciplined and logical Earl of Saint Brides, has been the driving force behind the Home Office; meeting with foreign leaders to negotiate treaties, spurring a lethargic Parliament into action, and directing a secret army of spies. The last thing he wants to find while taking a well-deserved vacation is a dangerous fugitive. Nevertheless, when he catches a beautiful murderess hiding in his hunting cabin, he has little choice but to bring her to justice, landing himself in a battle for control he could never hope to win.

…meets a woman determined to prove him wrong.

Marrying a stranger simply to gain access to her dowry and travel the world, admittedly, was the biggest mistake of Sarah Tindall’s life. In fact, she would readily admit to making several big mistakes. Killing her husband, however, is not one of them. When a starchy lord takes it upon himself to bring her to a London prison, she is determined to escape him and prove her innocence, yet every attempt ends with her back in her handsome captor’s arms. Even if her innocence is proven, his forbidden and passionate kisses leave her uncertain if escape was ever an option. 

Changing the Earl's Mind is the third book in The Lord's of Whitehall series by Kristen McLean. Drake prefers to keep to himself. He's reserved, works hard, and grumpy. Sarah is loud, brave, and wants to travel the world. When they meet, they clash immediately. These two opposites, were so funny as they argued and fought. Sarah kept trying to escape him, only to get caught by him. These moments were fun. I loved watching Mr Gumpy Pants be put in situations with her where he felt all awkward and out of his element. I liked him quite a bit actually. He's some nice book boyfriend material. I think he may be my favorite of the Lords of Whitehall so far too. Some mystery, murder, and twists added to the romance gave me a story that was very hard to put down.

The ARC of Changing the Earl's Mind by Kristen McLean was kindly provided to me by  for review. The opinions are my own.

Have you read the other books in this series yet?

Kristen has always had a love of novels, with a special place in her heart for historical romance. After reading enough of them to fill a rather impressive library, she decided to write her own. Now she has the pleasure of writing at home, tucked away in a forest with her husband, two children and her cat. Her husband is loving and impressively patient, her two beautiful children strive to embarrass and exhaust her, and her cat hates everyone, but tolerates—well, she tolerates whoever will feed her. Check out my interview with the author!

To learn more about Kristen McLean and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.

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