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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Review of The Letting & The Coupling by Cathrine Goldstein

The Letting (The Letting #1) by Cathrine Goldstein
Genre: Young Adult (Dystopian Romance)
Date Published: December 15, 2014
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

What if the Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil? 

This is the question Veronica “Ronnie” Billings poses to Phoenix, her sworn enemy, the leader of the Peaceful Revolution, and the one she loves.

Kidnapped by Phoenix’s rebels, Ronnie learns how wrong she has been. She had no idea that her patriotism was wasted on a corrupt government. Ronnie was proud to be a Leader; taking hundreds of harvested girls to the Letting facility. After all, she was saving them from future Couplings and bringing them to the safety of the New World. Or so she thought…

Confused, Ronnie realizes the only way to discover the truth is to trust her heart. Together, Phoenix and Ronnie devise a plan to stop their corrupt government and preempt the dangerous rebel coup which is approaching. But when their plan goes awry, will Ronnie be strong enough to save Phoenix, her country, and herself?

The Letting by Cathrine Goldstein is the first book in the letting series. This was a unique story in which society is selfishly using the blood of young girls to stay young and healthy, and they've about used up all that's left, both stored and from the living. Veronica has spent her life dedicated to her government without fully knowing what she was really supporting. I think that is something we see in real life every day. When she's faced with the harsh reality, we see what she's really made of. Through most of this book, I didn't trust any of the characters. Everyone seems to have an agenda. I'm starting to pick favorites, but I'm still unsure.

I wanted to rate this a 4 so bad, but there are a few things holding me back. The whole need for blood for one.. how does it keep the people young? At first I thought they were going to end up being some kind of vampire things,  but they seem to be human. Farnsworth seems to have a legit reason to need blood at least, but what about the rest of society? Is it some sort of blood technology? I'd like more information about it. Also, the writing was choppy. Mostly in the first half. The characters would be one place one moment, and them somewhere else in a different situation the next with no segue to let you know anything changed. Also, how did Phoenix survive? I need to know these things!

The story pulls me in though. The romance was intriguing. The characters were very real. It shows the nature of people for what they are. Kind of like the walking dead.  If you watch that show, you know it's not really about the zombies. Its about human nature. That's how I felt with The Letting, and I loved that about this book.

The Letting by Cathrine Goldstein was kindly provided to me by YA Bound for review. The opinions are my own.

The Coupling (The Letting #2) by Cathrine Goldstein
Genre: Young Adult (Dystopian Romance)
Date Published: February 15, 2016
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

In Ronnie Billings’ dystopian world, surviving the Letting and breaking free of a corrupt government is less of a surprise than falling in love with Phoenix Day, the leader of the Peaceful Revolution…
When the government sentences Ronnie to a Coupling under the guise of producing a coveted blood type, Ronnie discovers the one she’s slated to Couple with expects even more.
Prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save those she loves most, Ronnie devastates Phoenix with her impossible decision. Whisked away from her rebel life to another world ravaged by despair, Ronnie meets her greatest nemesis...her biological father.
Steeling her nerves against the dangers of escape, she embarks on the perilous journey back. She is convinced she belongs with Phoenix and his revolution, but will her friends, and especially Phoenix, be ready to accept her when she returns? Because this time, evil is in her blood...

The Coupling is the second book in The Letting Series by Cathrine Goldstein. Poor Veronica did a lot of traveling within this book. She learned so much on her ventures too. I wish she would stop and think though. Just like in The Letting, she continued to let threats to the girls turn her stupid. I'm all about keeping the kids safe, but it was like her brain would short circuit whenever she thought they were in danger causing her to make some very bad decisions. Phoenix had some real soul searching to do through this book, and I think he came out better because of it. The one who kept surprising me was Farnsworth. Holy cow! I didn't like him. I started to like him. I hated him. I started to like him again. I hated him, and back again. He was something! I'll bet he was a fun character to write. He was definitely unique. This book in general was unique. I wonder if there will be more? I would definitely read more.

The ARC of The Coupling (The Letting #2) by Cathrine Goldstein was kindly provided to me by YA Bound for review. The opinions are my own.

“Trust me, Ron.”
I nod, my hands suddenly shaking. He takes them into his hand and lifts them to his mouth. He kisses my fingers softly.
“You’re grieving right now—I would never take advantage of you. But…”
I take a deep breath.
He lets go of my hands and reaches out toward the still unbuttoned top two buttons of my shirt. The collar lays open, and his fingers trace the hollow of my throat. “You look gorgeous in my shirt.”
His eyes are locked on me, and I feel overpowered but safe all at once. There’s a strange ache in my body, answering to the hunger in his eyes.
“It is by far the most beautiful you have ever looked.”
My eyes dart up as he reaches out to touch the next button. He studies me as he slowly begins to unbutton. My entire body warms, and I bite down hard on my bottom lip. He abandons my button to run his fingers across my lips once more. I try to remember to breathe.

Given my love for cities and all that is gritty, my new obsession with trees really has me stumped. (Sorry.) Maybe it's because trees are the inspiration behind my new YA/NA novel, THE LETTING.

Whatever the reason for my new infatuation, some things remain constant -- like my love for: coffee (although sadly, it's now decaf); yoga; Luna bars (I am petitioning for them to bring back Chocolate Raspberry!); running in my neighborhood; Hemingway; Bukowski... and, above all, my husband and my girls.

I am the author of the bestselling novel, Sleeping With Mortals: The Story of a New York Mistress, and I'm also a playwright. I have my B.A. in English and my M.A. in Theatre.

To learn more about Cathrine Goldstein and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

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