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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dragonfly & Undertow Book Blitz!!

Dragonfly (Dragonfly #1) by Leigh T. Moore
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Publication Date: June 6, 2013
Publisher: Self
Check out my review of Dragonfly!

The Blurb:
Falling in love changes everything...

Three bad things I learned this year:
-People you trust lie, even parents.
-That hot guy, the one who’s totally into you, he might not be the one.
-Things are not always how they appear.

Three good things I learned this year:
-Best friends are always there for you, even when they’re far away.
-That other hot guy, the one who remembers your birthday, he just might be the one.
-Oh, and things are not always how they appear.

Anna Sanders expected an anonymous (and uneventful) senior year until she crossed paths with rich-and-sexy Jack Kyser and his twin sister Lucy.

Pulling Anna into their extravagant lifestyle on the Gulf Coast, Lucy pushed Anna outside her comfort zone, and Jack showed her feelings she’d never experienced... Until he mysteriously withdrew.

Anna turned to her internship at the city paper and to her old attraction for Julian, a handsome local artist and rising star, for distraction. But both led to her discovery of a decades-old secret closely guarded by the twins’ distant, single father.

A secret that could permanently change all their lives. Check out my review of Dragonfly!

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Undertow (Dragonfly #2) by Leigh T. Moore
Genre: New Adult (Contemporary Romance)
Publication Date: July 18, 2013
Publisher: Self
Check out my review of Undertow!

The Blurb:
Falling in love will pull you under...

Bill Kyser has a plan to take the sandy farms of his hometown and turn them into a world-class tourist destination--and become a billionaire in the process.
Alexandra "Lexy" LaSalle has a plan to change her life by becoming a world-famous artist.
Meg Weaver has a plan to hold onto Bill no matter what she has to do.

Three friends, three dreams.
One fatal decision will change all their lives forever.

In Dragonfly, Bill Kyser gave Anna the three journals that held the story behind the powerful developer's seclusion and the damaged lives of his family members.

Anna hoped to find a way for Julian to know the truth, but as she digs deeper into the tragic events of the past, she realizes silence could be the only option.

Now she's in an alliance with the man she formerly feared. And if Julian finds out what she knows, she could lose for good the boy she's starting to love. Check out my review of Undertow!

The Excerpt from Dragonfly:
I rounded the corner, but it was a shadowy dead end. I doubled back and listened again. It sounded like they were just on the other side of the hay wall, and I started running straight ahead. My heart was thudding when the passage opened. I could go right or left. I waited and listened, and once again, I felt the swish of air as a figure came up behind me. I spun around ready to scream, but it was only Julian.

“Hey,” he said low in my hair, as his hands found my sides.

“Julian!” I laughed, hugging him in relief. He smiled and pulled me into a shadowy corner. “I hate being alone in these things, and I thought you were—” 

He leaned in and cut me off with a kiss. My heart had been racing from the fright and the running, but now it was flying for a different reason. Instinctively, I pulled him closer, not wanting to let him go, and he held me tighter in response. 

This time his kiss was not a question, it was a demand, and the part of me I’d been pushing down for weeks came rushing up to meet him. My arms were around his neck, and I slipped my fingers into his hair. I felt his lips curve into a smile against mine, and our mouths opened, tongues touched, and electricity raced to my toes. It was hot and breathtaking, and everything I’d expected returning Julian’s kiss to be like. His uncasted arm circled my waist, holding me strong against his body, then he lifted his head to look into my eyes. 

We were both breathing fast. Neither of us spoke, we only smiled, a little amazed and unable to look away. He leaned forward to kiss me again, and once more I kissed him back, open-mouthed and eager. Hungry. I felt confident and strong, and I didn’t want to stop ever. He held me back against the scratchy hay wall, and my hands moved from his shirt to his shoulders and then his neck. I wanted to touch his skin. I wanted to pull him closer. I wanted to feel his skin against mine. 

His lips moved to my jaw then my chin, and without thinking, I murmured his name. I dropped my face against his neck, inhaling deeply the faint scent of his cologne mixed with the straw all around us. We were swirling in a dizzying wave of adrenaline until I heard voices coming toward us. 

As if waking from the most amazing dream, I opened my eyes and reluctantly stepped away, out of Julian’s arms.

“I think I heard them over here!” Renee ran up and stopped short, the laughing others close behind her.

I turned away and tried to pick the hay fragments out of my hair. There was no denying what we’d just done, and I didn’t know what to say. Going after another person’s date wasn’t cool, and it wasn’t the reputation I was after, even if it was for Julian.

About the Author:
I'm the hat lady--wife, mom, reader, writer, caffeine addict, chocoholic, southern expat, and beach bum.

To learn more about  Leigh Talbert Moore check out my interview with her. You can also visit her at her BlogFacebook and Twitter.

Check out my reviews of Dragonfly, UndertowThe Truth About FakingThe Truth About Letting Go, and  Rogue, book one in a new series by Leigh Talbert Moore!

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