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Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Review: Charity Rising by DeAnna Kinney

Charity Rising (Charity #2) by DeAnna Kinney
Genre: Young Adult (Paranormal Romance)
Date Published: April 2012
Publisher: UR Published. Inc

The Blurb:
In this fast-paced, two-part sequel Charity is finally settling into her new role as alpha female to the Drake pack. With Prom and Graduation approaching, this should be the best time of her life, but something is wrong with Levi—dangerously wrong. With his odd behavior growing daily and her now blackening connection symbol, Charity is spurred into action. It’s a race against time, and any delay could result in the death of the only man she can ever love. Can she save him in time? If so, will their undying love and a stronger-than-ever heart connection be enough to withstand the damage created?

This installment in the Charity Series is fully loaded with everything from unlikely alliances, battles and romance, to humor, mystery, and even betrayal, as well as a few other surprises along the way. You have officially been warned.

Charity Rising by DeAnna Kinney was provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

My Review:
Charity Rising is the second book in the Charity series by DeAnna McKinney. The blurb wasn't kidding. This book is very fast paced. It kept action packed trend going from book one, in that there is always something happening. This is not one of those books that lets me zone off. It fully keeps my attention, and I love that. I have to say, I probably wouldn't have forgiven Levi so quickly. Charity is just quicker to forgive than I am, I suppose. He accuses her of something that, he really should have know better than to accuse her of. But, I think he learns his lesson. I love how their relationship plays out. Sure, it's fast, but that is the nature of this series. It doesn't mess around! It get's right to the point. There is one thing I'm curious about though. Charity has a strong fear of Levi in his wolf form and has major issues with letting him bite her in order to heal her, but she has no problem letting Raven feed off of her? I didn't really understand that. I thoroughly enjoyed Raven's character though. In fact, he's one of my favorites. Have I mentioned that before? Probably, but he is. So, he's worth mentioning again. We also get introduced to a new character, Eli. Eli really grew on me. He's got some versatility too. One minute he's a flirty smart alack and the next he's caring and warm. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. I'm sad that Raven's Rose is the last book in the series, but I'm anxious to learn Raven, Eli, and Wesley's stories. 

About the Author:
DeAnna is the author of the Charity Series: Charity Moon and Charity Rising. Other books include Loving Lily Lavender and Exposing Kitty Langley with more to follow.

To learn more about DeAnna Kinney and her books, visit her on Goodreads & Facebook.

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