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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review: Little Red by Trista Jaszczak

Genre: Adult Fiction (Paranormal Romance)
Date Published: June 18, 2013
Publisher: Front Porch Romance

The Blurb:
Fall back in love with fairy tales with, Little Red, the first installment of “The Believe Series” by Trista Jaszczak.

Little Red Riding Hood is back in the woods again...and in the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf no less...

Ride along with Sam Wentworth through the winding back roads of Louisiana, on a desperate escape from her past. Where she falls into the arms of the unlikely and sometimes unwilling hero, Ethan Parker When circumstances and fate seal the two together, entangling them with his 6 older brothers, feuding families and a little old bayou magic, Ethan must put aside everything he has ever known to keep her safe from the dangers their lives and their love poses. Can he keep her safe from himself?

My Review:
Little Red is the first book in the Believe Series by Trista Jaszczak. I always feel horrible when I don't completely love a book. So, I took a peek at some other reviews, and it seems like I'm in the minority. Most people seem to love this story. I love fairy tale re-tellings, and I liked that this one revolved around Little Red Riding Hood. I had a hard time connecting with the main characters though. Red/Sam seemed weak to me. I know she's had it rough. VERY rough, and I get that she's going to be emotionally damaged as a result, but she seemed almost child like in her behaviors. I never saw any character growth with her. It was odd. Ethan seemed a little child like in some ways too, especially when it came to his anger. I enjoyed all of Ethan's brothers though! They make me want my own personal body guard wolf pack. I loved them. All in all, this story just wasn't for me, but like I said above, I'm in the minority. It's a quick read, so give it a go. You might love it!

Little Red by Trista Jaszczak was provided to me by Bewitching Book Tours for review. The opinions are my own.
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About the Author:
Trista Jaszczak is a native of Hamilton, Ohio. She is an Air Force wife, mother of two beautiful daughters and currently calls Anchorage, Alaska her home. She has a deep passion for writing, art, playing guitar and travelling. She is the author of the Darkness Falls series, Loverboy, and What Lies Inside. Check out my interview with the author!!

To learn more about Trista Jaszczak and her books, visit her blog.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.


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