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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review: Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus

Genre: Young Adult (Fantasy Romance/Fractured Fairy Tale)
Expected publication: July 19, 2013
Publisher: Musa Publishing

The Blurb:
When joined together, Cinderella's slippers grant the wearer her heart's desire. But whose wish will be granted?

When Cinderella’s glass slipper is stolen, Queen Felicia sends her faithful steward Terrance to the real world to retrieve his love and witch-in-training, Bianca Frost. The power of the glass slipper in the wrong hands could ruin peace in Everafter. Bianca must gather every bit of magic she has learned in the past few weeks to find the slipper and protect her new love. Together, Bianca, Ming, Prince Ferdinand, and Terrance venture deep into the heart of Everafter to seek clues as to who has stolen the slipper and why. Along the way, they uncover what happened to the Seven Dwarves after Snow White married the prince, but also learn the awful risk of tampering with black magic and the high price that must be paid for magical aid, even when used for good.

Bianca and Terrance’s relationship is put to the test. Through the pain of suffering and loss, Bianca must determine if following her gallant boyfriend into his faraway world is in fact her heart's desire.

My Review:
Glass Frost is the second book in the First Frost Series by Liz DeJesus. If you haven't read First Frost yet, you need to read it before reading Glass Frost. Check out my review of First Frost too. Glass Frost lets us meet some new characters and new villains. We're placed in some new situations as well. I enjoyed meeting Snow White's Dwarves the most. The romances and how the couples respond to each other and their ever changing situations are exciting and believable. They don't just jump head first into their relationships. They are thinking things through. I love how the First Frost Series not only brings fairy tale characters that we've all grown up with to life, but it brings them into the present in delightful ways. Liz DeJesus has put together this world so well that it's easy to imagine it's existence, and I want it to be real. I'm anxious for more!

Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus was provided to me by the author for an honest review. The opinions are my own.

About the Author:
Liz DeJesus was born on the tiny island of Puerto Rico.  She is a novelist and a poet. She has been writing for as long as she was capable of holding a pen. She is the author of the novel Nina (Blu Phi'er Publishing, October 2007) and The Jackets (Arte Publico Press, March 31st 2011). Liz is currently working on a new novel.

To learn more about Liz DeJesus and her books, visit her website.You can also find her on Goodreads & Facebook.

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