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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Morning Star Tour! Guest Post with Tania Penn

Genre: Young Adult (Paranormal Romance)
Date Published: January 10, 2013
Publisher: Penn Pal Publishing

The Blurb:
Being the daughter of Lucifer keeps seventeen year old Dawn Belial busy. For almost her entire lifetime, she has been trying to think of a way to free her Archangel mother, Michaela, whom her father has held captive for centuries. She's also attending high school - balancing trigonometry, history, and recruiting souls for her father along with her wicked half-sister, Venus.

There has been no time for love until she meets mysterious Gabriel, a British exchange student. As they fall in love against their will, she discovers a startling secret about him, and a shocking connection to her mother that changes everything

Playlist Guest Post by Tania Penn
I’m lucky when it comes to putting playlists together, in the  sense that I’m also a musician. So, when I write a story, I can  feel the type of music I need for that particular scene/and or chapter. Whether it be a sad country song, an uptempo pop one  or something melancholy and current. Here is the list of songs  that inspired The Morning Star.
I played this over and over writing the fist part of the first chapter, where Lucifer is having Dawn set the hillside on fire. There’s a sinister, bitter aspect to it, especially with the  synthesizer keyboards. The lyric especially about “this is how  an angel cries”, fit Lucifer’s mood perfectly. He’s betrayed by love, he’s angry, he wants to watch the world burn for burning sake.
2. Sinister Kid THE BLACK KEYS
Definitely Venus’s theme song. This song came to me during Chapter six, when Venus was once again strutting her bad self over to Gabriel, who had rebuffed her in Chapter two. The line “I’ve got a tortured mind, and my blade is sharp” fit well in Chapter four, when she unleashed her claws on Marie.
3. Oh What a Thrill THE MAVERICKS
Beside them being my favorite band, I had a bit of an epiphany at their concert several months ago when I saw them at Cal State Northridge. I wanted to write a scene in Chapter eight where 
Dawn and Gabriel go on their first date, and I wanted to do something a little different. Being that I love country music especially this band, I wanted to introduce that to the reading 
audience. Most YA novels have music that involve current young/hip artists, but these guys are just so vibrant, amazing and energetic live! The description of the concert, where it was, playlist the elderly woman that was sitting next to me, the way the band was in full swing, lead guitarist Eddie Perez’s snazzy suit, was all how it happened. Instead of my friend Christine and I, I just inserted Dawn and Gabriel, and added the almost first kiss that didn’t happen and the angel on stage — once I heard lead singer Raul Malo come out with his acoustic guitar and 
start crooning “Oh What a Thrill” I thought, “That’s it! This is where their first date happens!”
4. Free Fallin JOHN MAYER
As much as I love the original Tom Petty version, the simple live version fit well with Chapter seven, where Gabriel is reporting to the archangels, and Ramiel is advising him not to fall in love with Lucifer’s daughter, but even though having just met her, it’s too late. He’s already fallen…
5. Mad World GARY JULES
I love the mood of slow music during a chaotic time, and this one felt perfect for Chapter 11, where a tragedy occurs, and something that Dawn may or may not have been able to prevent. I 
played this one over and over during the whole bus scene until I felt I wrote how I saw the scene playing out in my head.
6. Angel Eyes LOVE AND THEFT
I figured since Lucifer, Venus and Gabriel had their own songs, Dawn needed one too! “There’s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes, a little bit of heaven with a wild side.” The 
wild side being her slight temper.
7. I Will Follow You into the Dark DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE
If this story was ever a movie, this would just have to, HAVE TO, be their theme love song! It’s the moment that Dawn knows she is in love with this boy, one who she thinks is human at 
first. She knows loving (whom she thinks is) a human can go playlist nowhere, but their bond is just too strong.
8. Poison and Wine THE CIVIL WARS
Oh, this song just breaks my heart every time I hear it! It represents a bit of the bitter love between Lucifer and Michaela, but moreover, it came into play during Chapter twenty, when Dawn realizes who Gabriel truly is, and the reasons why he came into her life, even though those reasons definitely changed. “I don’t love you, I always will…” Fit that chapter perfectly!
9. Set Fire to the Rain ADELE
When Dawn embraces, or tries to embrace, who she is really is in Chapter 21 is where this came into play. It felt like the vortex of emotions that Dawn is going through over what she discovered about Gabriel, while trying to come to terms that maybe she really is daddy’s little girl after all.
10. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground WILLIE NELSON
This reminded me of Silas, the collector angel, who’s also in love with Dawn and trying to come to her rescue in Chapter twenty three.
11. God Made Me (to Love You) Wade Hayes
This song came to me a little later in the story, and will definitely figure more prominently as part of my soundtrack/inspiration for book 2, “Equinox”. It fits nicely with the end of the story, and he’s also one of my favorite and underrated contemporary country vocalists.

The Book Trailer:

About the Author:
Author of debut young adult novel, The Morning Star. Currently working on the sequel, Equinox, as well as a chick-lit, rom-com, slightly sleazy and funny story with a twist, Catching Frogs. And, because I'm loco in the roco, I've got about 12 more on the back burner. When I'm not writing I can be found kayaking, hiking, ninja-training, traveling, and taking a ferry over to the San Juan Islands to search for the elusive creature known as the "Orca." I also am constantly adding ridiculous wants, needs, must-see's and do's to my ever expanding bucket book.

I covet a delicious malbec with a rare steak and make a killer salsa.

To learn more about Tania Penn and her books, visit her blog.You can also find her on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.

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