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Friday, August 24, 2012

Saving Mars Tour: A Review of Saving Mars by Cidney Swanson

Genre: Young Adult (Science fiction)
Published: July 26, 2012
Publisher: Williams Press

The Blurb:
When the food supply of Mars’ human settlement is decimated, seventeen-year-old Jessamyn Jaarda, the best pilot Mars Colonial has ever seen, flies to Earth to raid for food. Earth-Mars relations couldn’t be worse, and her brother is captured during the raid. Breaking rules of secrecy and no contact, Jess finds an ally in Pavel, nephew to a government official, but their friendship only makes more agonizing the choice before her: Save her brother or save her planet?

My Review:
Saving Mars is the first book in the Saving Mars series by Cidney Swanson. Once again Cidney Swanson has shown us what a wonderful story teller she is. The main character, Jessamyn, was strong, rebellious, and fun. There were times when it felt like I was flying around right along with her and rooting for her on from the edge of my seat. I felt like I got to know each character more and more as the story progressed. The plot is building towards something big, and I'm excited to see what happens next. From someone who's not a huge fan of reading science fiction, I was completely drawn into this story.

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Saving Mars by Cidney Swanson was sent to me from the author for review. The opinions are my own. 

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