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Friday, July 6, 2012

Betrayed Blog Tour: Guest Post with Ednah Walters

Thank you for joining us on our stop along the Betrayed Blog Tour! Today, Ednah Walters will be taking over the blog to talk about Guardians versus Demons.

Okay, first, let me say I am biased when it comes to Guardians. They are hot and kick butt. They are protectors, fighters, and they have souls. They are also groomed from childhood to hate and kill demons. They have one goal, and that is to save humanity. Why? I mean, no one follows a given directive without a reason. And more often humans do stupid things that drive Guardians crazy and are not worth saving. Like you and I, Guardians have a reason for fulfilling this lofty goal of saving humanity, and that is to save their own people. The more humans the Guardians save from demonic influence or attack, the more Guardians acquire the ability ascend or shift from physical to energy form when they die. Ascension is everything to a Guardian and the only way to do it is to fulfill their goal—save humanity.

Just because I love Guardians doesn’t mean I hate demons. Some of my favorite characters (people) are demons, lol. And they are just as hot. Maybe even hotter. Demons are also groomed from childhood to hate and kill Guardians. Their goal is to destroy humanity. Why? They want to rise and rule humans just like they did in the past when they were treated as gods. I am talking about Titans, Olympians, Asgardians, Devas, Egyptian gods. However, there are demons who don’t care about this lofty goal and the motive behind it. They just want to be left alone, to live and love and have a family. These are Souled Demons. They are tortured and conflicted. The ability to love and be kind is what humanity is all about, so a demon must fight against his nature to find love. These demons are the ones I root for. They are my underdogs. However, they weaken the demons because their loyalty is to their loved ones.

Demons and Guardians are children of the original fallen angels—Nephilim. Demons are the bad Nephilim while Guardians are the good Nephilim. There are divided into three subgroups: Neteru (look like humans all the time), Werenephil (Shape-shifters), Nosferatu (Vampires). They all have the ability to use telepathy and teleport. The most powerful of Nephilim have the ability to control the mind, time, solids, water, air and energy. These are called Primes by the demons and Cardinals by the Guardians. Normally, both demons and Guardians get their powers at age 16. But overall, the most powerful of all the Nephilim are Nature-benders, special demons bred to be more powerful than all the Guardians. They have the ability to manipulate nature.

In any battle, Guardians usually beat demons hands down because they are united in their goal. They are more disciplined. They are more organized. And they are well-trained. The day demons reach this level of organization, Guardians had better watch out. Humanity as we know it will come to an end.
To learn more about Ednah Walters and her books, visit her blog.You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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