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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty in Black Blog Tour: Mini Guest Post by Rae Hatchon & Swag Giveaway!

After reading Pretty in Black, I wanted to know so much more! So, Rae Hatchon has kindly aggreed to a mini guest post with a teaser of a teaser of what we have to look forward to in Black Satin!
Teaser on the Evermore history, coming up soon, in Black Satin: Think in terms of Vampire, and then toss everything you think you know about them out the window. Marcus has no desire to drink Ellie's blood, he just wants to devour her love. Also, we're trading in the wolves for a creature that matches the Ravens/Crows way better....this could be awesome. I can hope, right? 
Haven't read Pretty in Black yet? Check out my review!

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