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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twilight Inspired Guest Post

Happy Thursday before Breaking Dawn Pt 1. Releases Day! (that's my name for this Thursday 11/17, I was hoping it would catch on but sadly it hasn't. Yet.) 

I wanted to have a very cool Twilight fan & fellow blogger do a Twilight inspired guest post on my blog Books and Beyond so I asked Gabby at What's Beyond Forks? to do me the honor. I was beyond happy when she said yes but then I continued reading the email..She asked me to do the same. I panicked a bit and contemplated "losing" the email but decided it couldn't be THAT hard coming up with a guest post her readers would like. Then a vision hit me, all of her followers un following her after my epic fail! *GULP*

After days of anxiety & brainstorming for what to do, it hit me. I don't need to write I can show pics! They have to be pics of something Twilight-y but not the same ol' same ol' we ALWAYS see..Then it hit me again..TWILIGHT TATOO's: the good, the bad, and the ugly..lolz..Here's a few of my fave's. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did & leave a comment below about which you loved, which you did not love, and please answer the questions on everyone's minds: would you get a Twilight tattoo too? 

Team Carlisle-BOUT TIME!

That's it?!
The now infamous R Pattz autograph turned into a tat

Edward? Is THAT you?

Now that's what I call TEAM BELLA
James's Bite on Bella' Arm

Forever is a loong time 


  1. A lot of views *yippee* No one wants to talk about Twilight tattoo's? :*(
    I heard BD was AWESUM BTW. A bunch of pl who saw it last night in Long Island LOVED it.

  2. WOW!! I am not a tattoo person but some of those are amazing and I love the quotes : )

  3. There's some enthusiastic fans!!!! My favorite is the bite mark, I think. :-)

    I'm a new GFC - thx for entering my Giveaway!!


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