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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Review: Captivated (An Affliction Novel) by D. Apodaca

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Captivated is the first Affliction novel written by D. Apodaca (now known as E.M. Jade). This book definitely does not follow the current trend of friendly vampires. Captivated revolves around Mindy and Dean, who were childhood best friends until a catastrophe happens causing Dean to withdraw from Mindy and everyone else around him. As time goes by, Mindy meets new friends and moves on with her life. Marcus, Mindy's new best friend, plays a large role in the story after he witnesses Dean murder two people behind a club. He tries to figure out exactly what is going on by following Dean around. Mindy doesn't know what to believe especially since it seems the bodies have disappeared and she is starting to fall in love with Dean. They are about to embark on something that will change all their lives forever.

Once you see the beautiful cover art for this book, you won't be able to ignore it. It is not at all misleading. You will indeed be captivated. The story combines humor with romance and suspense. There are moments you will be on the edge of your seat clutching the book because you can't read it fast enough. The ending is completely unexpected, and for those of us who are less then patient, we will be in agony waiting for the next book to be released.

You can learn more about D. Apodaca (now known as E.M. Jade) and where to purchase her books from her website.

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